Men’s Fashion: Accessories to Style Your Suit

The suit is a quintessential part of any wardrobe, particularly for the professional man. While many people would dress in their high-class suit and not put much thought into anything else, there is a whole world of accessories that can elevate your simple suit to a head-turning appearance. 

Picking Useful Accessories

Accessories can be just that, something that accessorises your appearance or, helpfully, can take your suit and ensure it remains tidy and functional for the day or evening. For example, the tie pin or tie bar is used to fix the tie to the shirt and can be chosen in a variety of metals with some in-laid gemstones or engraved with a pattern. You can get some real luxe looking accessories for men these days which can go perfect with smart workwear, and shirts/trouser combinations, like men’s designer jewellery. A smart watch or ring can be just enough to add that extra touch.

Similarly, cufflinks are used to pin the cuffs of double-cuff style shirts (French, dress, formal, etc) and prevent your cuffs flapping around when you are trying to eat dinner or introduce yourself to someone new.

Coordinating Your Colours

Coordination is key for a stylish appearance and when choosing your suit, you have likely gone for a two or three-piece set that is coordinating in colour and style. To pair your accessories and men’s jewellery, find the main colour of your appearance, often black, grey or navy and use this to base your metals and hardware.

Silver and greys are popular metal hues and come in a variety of price brackets from stainless steel and silver to titanium and platinum. Gold is a high-value metal that is certain to capture attention, however, can be expensive to coordinate several accessory pieces together. Fortunately, there are many different options for men’s designer jewelry to cover a range of budgets and tastes. 

Shoes, Belts and Bags

Although your shoes and belt are likely to be an essential part of your outfit, many people overlook the fashion recommendations for coordinating these pieces. Similarly, if you are using a bag while out and about, making sure these three pieces match in color and style is an easy way to give a stylish boost to your appearance.

For example, if you choose to wear a brown leather belt, make sure you wear brown leather shoes and rock a brown leather bag. If the materials aren’t easy to match, then try to keep the shades close so you don’t end up looking like a patchwork quilt while out and about. 

Tying In a Classy Tie

A tie or a bow-tie is an excellent way to complete your outfit and although it doesn’t matter too much which one you choose over the other; bow-ties are considered the more formal option. Therefore, bow-ties should be chosen over the normal necktie when attending prestigious events such as black-tie dinners or balls. 

If it’s a wedding or another smart occasion in which you know your suit jacket might not always stay on, a slim tie is the best bet. It finishes off the look with the suit jacket on, and then when the jacket is off, it smartens and styles up the shirt, too.

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