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As I’m a Manchester beauty blogger, I find that I get a lot of people asking me about aesthetics in Manchester. This used to mainly be asking for clinics, salons or therapist recommendations for peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling and advanced facials, but now it’s slightly shifted to medical aesthetics.

There’s no denying there has been a rise in botox and fillers over the past few years. Botox and fillers used to be a bit of a taboo topic ten years ago, but is now one of the most sought after treatments and procedures out there.

So, lets look at a medical aesthetics doctor I’ve done a lot of research on, and can recommend to anyone in Manchester who is wondering where to go for their consultations and treatments.

Dr Andre is highly recommended in the world of medical aesthetics. Based at Pall Mall just off Market Street and his Alderley Edge clinic too, Dr Andre qualified as a Doctor 25 years ago, and now offers everything from botox and fillers, to excess sweating and weight loss solutions and procedures.

Over his 25 years being a Doctor, he worked as a GP, a Premiership Sports Physician and an Occupational Physician. What impressed me about his story and the work he creates is that he believes in making the best of people’s appearance and boosting confidence, that less is more and a natural look beats an unnatural look every time.

He doesn’t believe in giving anyone an unnatural look, working to enhancing natural beauty, rather than creating something different.

And I think that’s where people can get quite worried. There’s been horror stories of aestheticians which have gave ‘false’ looks, using filler in the wrong way to create a fake, obvious appearance. We’ve all heard the stories – the whole trout pout and duck face were just the beginning.

Dr Andre wants his clients to feel extremely comfortable and trusted with him, producing slight enhancements which work to the clients natural beauty.

Last week, I caught up with Dr Andre and visited him at his rather professional clinic room in Pall Mall, Manchester. I wanted to ask him a few burning questions I had myself about his treatments, so I could fully fill people in who may ask any questions about a highly recommended, professional medical aesthetician.

I asked Dr Andre his thoughts on some key topics, which you can have a peek at below:

What is the most popular treatment you carry out?

Dr Andre said that it had to be botox and fillers that were paving the way as the most popular treatments, although he still has a lot of people who have worries and concerns. They worry about it looking too obvious, in which he said that would never happen unless a client specifically requested an overdone, obvious result.

He uses Juvederm, which lasts around 12 months, so if you get filler injected into your lips, you can expect the results to last up to a year.

Dr Andre talked about how every filler and botox treatment he carries out is done to work with the clients concerns, working with their natural beauty to enhance and balance out any features. Or, to soften and fill out any fine lines and wrinkles, which is of course popular with an older clientele.

What about male clients? Do you see many of these?

Dr Andre said that over recent years, there has definitely been an influx in male clients asking for botox or fillers. He explained that men don’t usually like to be as vocal as women about having these treatments done, so it’s super important the results are as natural and subtle as possible.

With fillers being so versatile to work with in terms of where you place them and exactly how much you inject, Dr Andre said men can have a natural look just the same as women. He said most of them come in for botox for anti wrinkle treatments, but going forward, jaw construction is something he also carries out which is predicted to become more popular.

What else do you offer which is becoming more popular?

Dr Andre discussed something he offers which has changed the lives and confidence of many clients: Excessive Sweating treatments

It’s a very common and embarrassing problem with a simple, reliable, cost effective solution. Dr Andre uses a very superficial injection of Botulinum Toxin underneath the skin to do the trick. He touched on many case studies from previous clients who have received life changing results from having this treatment, in which small injections of botox under the skin stops the sweat gland from over producing, and shuts down sweating problems by 90%.

What treatments do you think we’ll see more of in the near future?

When I asked Dr Andre this key question, it was nice to see that instead of some new treatment coming out, it was actually related to the popular botox and filler treatments. Dr Andre said it’s more about how much filler you use and where you put it which will become more popular. With an increase in older clients, the more filler carefully positioned around the face can create incredible face lift results, therefore it’s more about people becoming more confident with having more amounts of filler in certain areas of the face.

Dr Andre’s passion for what he does was clear to see, but the main passion is his clients: earning that trust, making them happy, giving them the results they want to see to then feel great about themselves.

If you’re looking to be looked after by a professional doctor from start to finish, right through from the consultation to the finished result, Dr Andre is certainly highly reviewed and very professional.

Feel free to take a look at his website here at the range of treatments on offer, along with reading some reviews and getting a feel of his services in Manchester.

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