Lookfantastic X Philosophy Limited Edition Beauty Box

It’s been a while since I’ve used Philosophy skincare products, but in all honesty, I’m not sure why it has been so long.

I reviewed the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar moisturiser back in 2015 and genuinely loved the product, which then lead to me raving about the Amazing Grace and Pure Grace fragrances.

Philosophy is a popular US brand which has made big waves in the UK for the past few years. I’ve loved the brand for their cute and super girly packaging, fabulous scents and extensive product range, catering for those who want a slicve of well-being and self-care, and those who want to try to ‘sort out’ their sluggish skin. Which is definitley me!

If you haven’t tried any skincare from Philosophy before, now is your time. LookFantastic have launched an amazing limited edition beauty box and the value is exceptional.

Lets have a little peak at what’s inside the Lookfantastic X Philosophy Limited Edition Beauty Box available throughout December (making it a reeeeally smart gift idea!).

Lookfantastic X Philosophy Limited Edition Beauty Box Contents:

Inside the sleek box are six of Philosopy’s best selling products, in which five of them are full size. The value of the box comes to £165 but the box retails at just £49 (£44 if you are a Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscriber).

The products are:

Philosophy Gingerbread Man Body Souffle
Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisturiser (60ml) – Worth £35
Philosophy Gingerbread Man Body Souffle (240ml) – Worth £30
Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser (30ml)
Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Exfoliating Clay Mask (75ml) – Worth £28
Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder (7g) – Worth £32
Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker Eye Cream (15ml) – Worth £35
Plus a little travel bag

The Purity Cleanser is one of the top selling cleansers in America, which I have never actually tried before, so I was super excited to finally get to try this. I’m hoping to get a full review up on here of this product, and see if it is worth the hype, so stay tuned!

So from owning this box for just over a fortnight, I can say that from trying all the products out, the Philosophy Pore Extractor Clay Mask is ultimate favourite. When I listened to the team at Philosophy talk about this product at the launch event of the beauty box, they raved about how it really does unclog the pores and get rid of those open pores, and even loosens up stubborn blackheads. I wasn’t so sure I would see the effects in such a short space of time, but I honestly did – this mask is brilliant!

It doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry, while instead it gives this soft, smooth, fresh feeling, where those open pores on my nose and tops of cheeks just underneath my eyes look way less obvious.

As it’s a white clay mask, it seems to just suck out the gunk and impurities as it dries. Then, when activated with a little warm water, the mask exfoliates the skin, revealing radiant, smooth skin. My blackheads of course didn’t disappear overnight but they have actually reduced since using this, which I wasn’t expecting!

I think that because it features my favourite acne busting ingredients – Salicylic Acid – it’s going to work really well for my spot prone, dull skin.

Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder

Who knew this product had been around for years and years? I have no idea why it’s taken so long to get this product into my life, but now it has, I’m sure it will be here to stay. Basically, the Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder can be added to your favourite moisturiser or night cream to give your skin that extra boost of brightening vitamin c. Because it’s a little gritty in texture (although super super fine), I have added it to my facial wash aswell to give my skin a more through cleanse, but I just decided to do this myself without researching whether it’s normally used for this.

It seemed to work a treat! It is also great when added to your moisturiser, as you kinda get that slight tingle which means it’s working deep down to deliver that brightening effect and anti oxident protection. Great for those who need a brightening boost, in which I can’t rave about it enough for Winter skin.

The Philosophy team also told us at the event that a small spatula added to shampoo can act as a clarifying, purifying scalp treatment for those with itchy or flaking scalps. I haven’t used it for this yet, but what a great tip!

Renewed Hope in a Jar

I previously linked out to an old review of this at the top of this blog post, as I tried this out back in 2015 and used it until the jar was empty. I truly loved this product when I used it all those years ago. is a brilliant lightweight moisturiser that contains AHAs which gently exfoliate the skin while it nourishes too.

The texture is delightful: rich and creamy with a light subtle fragrance. This would be a great one to add in the Vitamin C powder!

Due to the super moisturising texture and fast absorbency, I find this works a treat as a day time moisturiser, as well as doubling up as a primer.

Eye Cream

I’m getting a bit useless lately at using eye creams, so this was has spurred me on a little.I’ve only used it a couple of times, but from testing it out, the first thing I noticed is it’s velvet like texture which blurs out those fine lines and softens any fatigue, tired areas.

It aims to reduce puffiness and dark circles, so it’s definitely an all-rounder for all eye concerns. Again, as it has a richer texture, it will work well as a primer for the eyelids, acting as a smoothing base for eyeshadow applications.

Gingerbread Man Body Souffle

Last but not least, I was so happy to find this Christmas inspired Gingerbread Man Body Souffle packed into the Lookfantastic X Philosophy box, because it’s literally all the festive feels in a luxurious cream. The smell and the texture is just delicious – thick, creamy and indulgent. The rich moisturising properties make it excellent for dry, winter skin, and the scent is bound to get anyone in the Christmas spirit!

Bear in mind this product is a limited edition Christmas special – just like this beauty box itself – so it’s not here forever…

The Lookfantastic X Philosophy Limited Edition Beauty Box is available now for £49 at Look Fantastic, so remember that if you have a sister, friend, colleague, Mum, boyfriends mum etc etc that you have no idea what to buy them, then this is soooo ideal. As mentioned above, the value is £165, and remember if you are are a Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscriber you can get it for £44.


You can shop Philosophy at Look Fantastic here.

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