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As a born and bred Manchester girl, I’m overly happy that this city is known and loved for it’s creative streak. As a creative myself (well, I like to class myself as one, seeing as I have always worked in the fashion and journalism industries) I wouldn’t want to be in any other city. All you have to do is take a short stroll around the Northern Quarter and see all the booming independent businesses to realise how much creative talent lies in this city.

A trend which has grown from Manchester’s entrepreneurial talents and passion for small, independent businesses is the creation of work hubs. If you think about it, a city which is home to so many SME’s, freelancers and self-employed bright sparks, needs places for people to work, right? I as a blogger have felt the need for this myself, especially during those days where I have various meetings dotted around the city. Sometimes, during those in-between hours, I get a little fed up of jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop, spending money on copius amounts of lattes and not having anywhere to call ‘an office’.

So, the growth of working spaces has resulted in a fantastic new co-working space in Manchester open up. Introducing Workplace – an ideal location for hot desking, renting business spaces, and hiring meeting rooms and office space.

Last month, Workplace become my new home for the day, where I brought along my laptop and work bag, setting up for blogging. It’s situated fairly central in Manchester, a little nearer to the Oxford Road/Peter Street end of town. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a lovely lady on reception, who shown me around the place and pointed out all the amenities I could use. This included complimentary use of the coffee machine and the contents of the biscuit tin- winner!

On a more serious note, the place itself is superb in terms of layout, decor, and interior design. The place has a modern and clean look to it, with spacious floor plans and minimal decor. A little bit Scandi style with it’s rose gold lighting and glass lamp shades. Along with individual desk areas, there is also a more casual meeting area, great for business catch-ups or more low-key meetings.

When I was walked around the place, I got the chance to explore the more exclusive meeting rooms, complete with all the technology and space you would need to chair a more important event. I also took a little tour further down the Workplace, which features boutique style offices which companies can rent out for longer periods of time. These provide much more privacy and that professional feel – a great step before securing your own office.

As for me, I was there to catch up on the blog and respond to zillions of emails, so I took up a tiny booth type desk area, which looked uber cosy and cute. It had a little desk lamp and was situated right next to the kitchen area – needs must and all.

I’m a sucker for quirky interiors, and this boutique-hotel-style-office impressed me greatly. The atmosphere was calming and peaceful, with the desks taken up by hard working individuals (like myself- of course!). The great thing is, you can hot desk for as little at £10 for the day, which involves all your hot drinks and biscuits. Works out cheaper than a day in Starbucks, with a much nicer working environment.

Check out the Workplace website for more information…

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