Lifestyle: Winter Mornings with TeaPigs

I know it’s heading into Winter as I’m finding myself doing crazy things all over again like heating up my bed with a hairdryer before I get in it at night, and rushing to my jumper drawer in the mornings to wrap up as if it’s December. Oh the little changes you have to make to embrace Autumn/Winter…

They need not be all that bad, however. I thought I’d semi-celebrate entering this new cosy season by indulging in some ‘nice new autumnal things’. If I’m going to be wearing jumpers to work from now on, I need a nice new crisp white shirt to wear underneath. Thanks to Missguided, I have a lovely fitted one with shiny gold buttons to sit snugly underneath this new gold and beige jumper. I have to say that’s one of my style tips for A/W… invest in a good white shirt and layer up with your new fave knits. You get the warmth of layering up, plus the shirt-under-jumper styling NEVER goes out of fashion. Or hasn’t done yet anyway…

emma campbell
My next autumnal indulgence comes in the form of hot drinks. Yes, those who know me will know that I am the biggest hot drink worshipper to date. If you come to my house for dinner, I only offer tea, coffee, green tea or water- anything else and you’ll have to die of thirst I’m afraid.

Therefore, my luxury hot drink treat has to be Teapigs. You’ve probably heard of the brand- I have known about them for quite a while, and have regularly passed their stock in Selfridges stores, more memorably in the Trafford Centre. However, it’s usually when I’m lucky enough to attend ‘swanky events’ that I’ll get offered a Teapigs cup of tea, which is often a bit of a treat. As much as I am an avid tea drinker, I rarely switch away from good old English Breakfast, Green Tea, Earl Grey and the more recent Assam. But I got some nice new flavours the other day and now I’m officially hooked!

The Everyday Brew is good for those ‘real tea drinkers’ out there. I had it black and it was so flavoursome, it was lovely! Here is how Teapigs describe this favourite tea…

“This is our signature blend – our daily cuppa, our builders brew, our Rosy Lee. Call it what you want but our everyday brew is the ultimate British favourite.  We’ve blended three top quality whole leaf black teas – Assam, Ceylon and a lovely Rwandan – to give a balanced, malty, zesty alliance and the most perfect cup of tea”

My other new favourite is one that a lot of people around me tend to drink and it just never appealed to me. However, after indulging in the Teapigs version, I am changing my mind… again, read what the Teapigs have to say about this…

“As with our other teas, we insist that our herbal ones always use the whole leaf or flower. We think the leaf should be worshipped, not crushed. Because we use whole peppermint leaves, you’ll find the flavour of this blend much stronger and fresher than regular dusty paper teabags. Peppermint is great for soothing sore tummies and helping us to keep a healthy digestive systems.”

If anyone ever feels like being ultra generous and just sending me a present to cheer me up on a rainy October day… more tea is definitely appreciated and won’t be turned down. I will love you forever…

PS: I’m a blogger with an iPhone and no time to photoshop myself. Therefore the photos you see are 100% grainy, raw and real.

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