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bistrovin manchester
Last week, I ventured out on a different kind of evening in Manchester with the Yelp team – the restaurant and bar review app I’m an elite member of. We headed to a classy little wine bar on Deansgate called BistroVin, which sits above the Spirited Wines shop. It’s one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ type places; a place you kind of have to know is there due to it being hidden away above the shop. I had walked past the wine shop many a time whilst heading up and down Deansgate, and it’s only been recently I’ve become aware there a dedicated wine bar which you can access.

In a nutshell, if you love wine, you’ll love BistroVin, as it’s fully stocked with every type of wine you could possibly think of. Designed as a cosy wine bar with deep coloured leather sofas and wooden tables, BistroVin has that French inspired vibe, like a real quaint bistro, completely different to anywhere else I have visited on Deansgate.

Don’t stop reading about this place if you aren’t too much of a wine obsessive, as I learnt on my visit that they actually stock a wide range of spirits, rums and whiskeys too, which I had the pleasure of trying out. The brands were completely unique and new to me – ones I had never come across before – which gave this place even more of an authentic feel. Lets just say that the spirits/rums/whiskeys were really strong, but I assume that means they are of a real high quality, right? And they were tasty all the same. Just need to come back and have a glass of Lemonade or Diet Coke added to them…

bistrovin manchester
bistrovin manchester
bistrovin manchester
During my wine tasting evening at BistroVin, I gained such an extensive amount of knowledge about wine just from the two hours I spent there, as well as trying out so many different kinds. The French and Italian wines were my favourite, and I actually sipped some lovely refreshing white wines, turning me into a white wine lover once again (all I’ve drank is red over the past six months). The guys who work there are absolute wine experts – I really was blown away by their knowledge. I even learnt about how important it is to ‘oxidise’ the wine by swishing it around the glass slowly before sipping (so thats why I see people doing that!), to smell the wine before you taste, and also to sip it really slowly to actually take in it’s flavours.

I could possibly go on for a long time about all the wine related facts I learnt, but I’ll round it up or else this post will resemble a wine essay…

Alongside the lovely wine options, BistroVin offer cold food platters of cheese, breads, meats and nuts, so it’s also an ideal place to come for a little spot of lunch during the day. Wine and nibbles always goes down well for me during the weekend, so this place has hit the nail on the head here.

It was a Yelp event with a difference, and one I was really happy to have attended. Next time my friends ask me for a wine bar style recommendation in Manchester, I’d happily point them in the direction of BistroVin. A lovely little bar with a impressive team of dedicated staff, high quality tasting wine, yummy food platters and a welcoming interior. A pleasure to visit!

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Bottom photographs courtesy of Yelp and Lucas Smith Photography 

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