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swisse vitamins
Finally – we’ve arrived into May and the smallest bit of sunshine is coming through. There’s something about sunnier days and the warmer weather that instantly makes me feel good. Not only does it lift my mood, it makes me feel healthier, happier, and all round more content. But with the unpredictable weather in the UK, I merely can’t rely on the flashes on sunshine to make me feel healthier.

As well as being active and trying to eat relatively healthy, I’ve recently been trying to up my game with the help of vitamins and natural foods. Some days, I’m really really good. I’ll eat nutritious foods and work out, and make sure there’s at least a few rainbow coloured items on my plate. Other days, I’m really really bad. I’ll pig out on junk food, stay indoors, feast on sugar and all round be pretty disgusting!

We can’t always be spot on with our health everyday, but there are a number of ways to keep on top of it. Like, I drink green tea everyday, and as mentioned before, I take vitamins. Recently, for me it’s all about Swisse Vitamins…

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tea tree oil
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swisse vitamins
I first discovered Swisse when I was living in Australia. In my opinion – Australia is so much ahead of the UK in terms of health, fitness and nutrition. But that’s another story, I could probably write a whole new blog post on all the ways they seem to have the finger on the pulse much more in terms of healthy lifestyles. Anyway, Swisse have now made their UK debut, so I made sure I had a little stock up on vitamins, along with some other bits to make sure my health is to the best standard possible. After all, it’s not just the Winter months where we need to look after ourselves.

swisse vitamins
swisse vitamins
The multivitamin I am currently taking on a daily basis is the Women’s Multivitamin, which contains a combination of all the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body. This little tub contains all my B vitamins, magnesium and Iron for everyday energy and vitality, calcium, vitamin D and K for bones, and Zinc and Vitamin C for the support of my skin, hair and nails (which is so vital for us women).

For £9.99, I feel confident my body is being supported with all the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals I need, working together with my diet and fitness to create the healthiest ‘me’. Swisse also have an extensive range that actually targets lots of other needs too – such as a men’s formula, a teenage formula, and more specific concerns such as beauty and body, and immunity. Take a look at their website here for some health inspiration…

swisse vitamins
I’ve also been trying out the Swisse Energy capsules, which are found are an ideal supplement for me as I regularly suffer tiredness and fatigue. I’m a sucker for late nights and constant rushing around (and working hard!), and so far these seem to be giving me an extra boost and helping me to slow down the any flagging feelings. As these contain a high amount of B vitamins, I only take these on the days I skip my multivitamin, as it’s probably best to point out you shouldn’t take too many capsules a day.

A few other little health heroes you can see on the photos are also huge helps to my overall health. I’m a massive green tea and herbal tea drinker, which cleanses and detoxs, as well as providing a very low amount of caffeine. There’s pure Tea Tree Oil, which I love for dabbing onto any pesky spots to help dry them out, and of course, the legendary Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a much healthier alternative for cooking, providing good fats that are essential for health. It’s also a very good product for thickening up the hair, and makes a lovely intense hair conditioner!

What vitamins do you take on a daily basis?

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  1. May 8, 2016 / 3:55 pm

    I was always encouraged to take my vitamins growing up…so important to look after our health. Especially living in London when everything is go-go-go!

    • whatemmadid
      May 8, 2016 / 9:29 pm

      Totally agree, just gives you that assured boost of goodness! 🙂

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