Lifestyle: What Makes Bali a Top Destination

Many traveler’s guides list Bali as one of the world’s favourite vacation destinations. TripAdvisor awarded this amazing place the Traveler’s Choice Award of 2017, knocking some of the long-standing favourites such as Paris or Venice from the number one spot.

But what makes Bali so special? Is it the beaches and beautiful landscape, the interactions with wildlife, the food or the culture, or is it something else? The answer is all of these – Bali takes the number one spot because it combines everything a traveller might look for when he chooses a destination.

Here is what this remote land provides to its visitors…

1. Dreamy Beaches

All those fantasies you had about dreamy beaches and coastal landscapes are real and can be found in Bali. Almost every beach in Bali looks like it is taken out of a dream, making it no wonder why people call this place a paradise.

The thing that makes the beaches in Bali special is their variety. You won’t be finding two beaches that are exactly the same – Bali is more than white sands and turquoise lagoons. If you explore it to its fullest, you will find black-sanded coves, beaches for surfers and families, secluded beaches for people who want to escape the crowd, and any other beach that comes to your mind.

2.    Natural Wonders

Beyond the landscape and the dreamy beaches, you will find that Bali is filled with natural wonders. Photographers thrive in this location because of its beautiful lakes and waterfalls, emerald paddies, glorious sunrises and sunsets, and much more.

The landscapes and unique beauty make Bali the favourite exotic wedding or honeymooning location of thousands of travellers.

3.    Various Temples

Some of the temples located in Bali are the most recognized landmarks of the country. Set against the best scenic landscapes, the number of temples you can see here will require you to stay in Bali for a long, long time. There are temples of all sizes, locations, and shapes, and you will certainly fall in love with each of them once you see them.

Most of these temples are centuries-old and so-well kept, you will be highly surprised by the spiritual experience they offer. If you are lucky enough, you might even witness one of their seasonal festivities and lively processions.

4.    Amazing People

The charm of the island is created by the hospitable people who live there. Every person you will meet at this location represents the heart and the soul of the country, making it the most unique and wonderful destination you will ever visit. Whenever you mangle with the locals, you will enjoy their friendly, inspiring and spiritual connection. Their life is so colored by festivities and daily rituals; you won’t believe how amazing people’s life can be in this paradise.

5.    Warm and Sunny Weather

There is a reason why Bali is visited throughout the entire year – the weather here is sunny and warm and visitors enjoy up to 13 hours of sunshine every day!

Regardless of when you decide to visit Bali, you can always enjoy the warm weather and indulge in summer activities. Temperatures range between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the entire year. Rain is common between the months October and April, but we are talking about intermittent showers combined with warm temperatures and fast-rising sun afterward.

6.    Tasty Food

Food lovers will instantly fall in love with Bali’s cuisine. The local dishes are tantalizing and the Balinese cuisine is known as one of the most complex ones in the world. Their variety of spices in combination with fish, meat and fresh vegetables is the tastiest thing you will try, especially if you decide to taste their local meals.

If you don’t want to try out their unique food, you can always eat in restaurants that offer international foods – there are plenty such places in the country. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the world are based exactly here in Bali.

7.    Value for Money

When people mention a summer vacation paradise and the most popular destination in the world, we immediately get the impression that this must be an expensive place to visit. You’d be very surprised to know that Bali is not only a non-expensive place to visit, but is actually a cheap one!

Once you get in Bali, you will be surprised at how cheap things are. Begin with the highly affordable accommodation to the low fare for food, especially on the beach promenades.

This list does not even get close to the full list of reasons why you should visit Bali, but I am quite sure it already convinced you of its beauty.


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