Lifestyle: The ULTIMATE London Tour Guide for 2015

London is a b-e-a-utiful city, with lots to do and lots to see. It’s usually rife with busy shoppers and tourists, with everyone looking to go to and see as many places/things as possible. If you’re in London for the first time, or you’re a resident who just wants some new experiences, then this guide is for you! I’m going to take you on a magical journey to some of London’s unique hot spots, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

See the stars, under the stars!

What’s better than a trip to the cinema to watch your favourite film? Going to an outdoor cinema, obviously! Outdoor cinemas are becoming something of a phenomenon these days. Who doesn’t want to relax on a rooftop cinema in Kensington gardens, with Leonardo Dicaprio on screen? It’s a truly unique experience and turns something you’ve done many times, into something new and exciting!

Excite your tastebuds

There are plenty of restaurants in and around London that cater to a whole variety of tastes. There’s your usual pick of Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian and all the other cuisines you’ve been eating. However, why not break the mold for once and try something different. Lebanese cuisine is a rapidly growing popularity, particularly in London, and offers an aromatic blend of flavours. The best Lebanese restaurant in London has to be Beirut Nights. They produce authentic Lebanese dishes but also make some rather tasty fresh desserts!

Go for a walk

Okay, okay, this may not sound particularly entertaining, but hear me out. I’m not talking about taking a casual walk around London. I’m on about something much more exciting; walking on top of the 02! That’s right, you can take a walk on top of the iconic dome and see the stunning London view from a truly special perspective. They’ll kit you out in boots and a harness to make sure you’re as safe as possible. Hey, if you’re looking for an adventure but don’t quite fancy Everest then this is probably the next best thing!

Enjoy a show

There are plenty of theatres around London in which to satisfy your need for entertainment. One of the unique, however, is the Brick Lane Music Hall. It’s one of the most friendly places in the great city of London and offers some traditional matinees as well as their very own new productions. With shows at lunchtime, in the afternoon and the evening, there’s no excuse for not going! You’ll leave with a smile on your face, whistling along to the tune of the songs.

Take a tour, the London way

When people say the word London, your mind immediately thinks of a few things, one of those things are black cabs. Yes, black cabs, one of the most iconic sights in London are the many black cabs zipping about the streets taking people from a to b. Now, you can get that black cab experience AND have a lovely tour at the same time! If you’re new to London and want to know more about the city, then London Tours by Taxi can provide just that. Visit some of London’s iconic sites while your personal driver provides some interesting quirks of knowledge.


So there you have it, I told you it was going to be a fun ride didn’t I? London is a magnificent city to visit and plays host to numerous, marvellous experiences. These are just a few of the best things to do while you’re there. I can promise you, each and every one of them is more than worthwhile!

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