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As most of you will probably know, I post on everyday, but last week has been pretty manic to say the least. It’s been the official week I move out of my city center apartment and into my first bought home, which means I’ll be spending the majority of the week with no internet, and moving boxes and bags from my car to the new house. I have also been on a little holiday to Barcelona (I actually got home just a few hours ago) so I have been absent from the world of laptops, wordpress and social media for a change!

And it is my trip to Barcelona that brings me onto the topic of today’s more personal post- things to do before turning 30, true ‘Bucket List’ style. Me and my twin sister have been potentially discussing a trip to Barcelona for our 30th next year, so my first visit to the Spanish city this weekend made me start thinking about the places I need to see and the things I want to do before reaching the big 3-0. It’s only 10 months away, therefore the perfect time to get my head around my own personal bucket list of things I want to achieve before the landmark birthday. Some of them are teeny tiny minor things, and others are much more adventurous!

Here goes… (in no particular order)

1. Experience my natural side
For the next ten months, I’ll be concentrating on getting all the build up of bleach and highlights out of this hair. Throughout my twenties I have longed for naturally, shiny, glossy and thick hair, only to get bored of trying to grow my natural shade through and hit the bleach once again. But thanks to highlighting, I now have broken, damaged hair, with zero shine factor. For my 30th, I am promising myself that i’ll be more than halfway on the journey to a full head of lovely hair. I had the last lot of blonde put through back in March, and had some low lights in the other week to help grow the blonde out. As you can see from below it’s looking lots darker, so now I just need to keep it up…

what emma did

2. Go to New York
How on Earth have I- a girl who has worked in fashion and the creative industry since being 16 – never been to New York? I am mortified with myself! However, I have started to plan a trip next year with a friend of mine, which hasn’t been booked yet, but it has absolutely got to happen. Get me to the style capital! You read it here first. Next year, i’ll be there.

3. Become self employed
As you all know, I put a lot of time and effort into, and not just the blogging side. The blog runs as a boutique too, with a dedicated dress shop running on the website as well. It takes up a lot of time, but it really is my true passion, and every hour I work on the website is an hour I love. Hopefully, by the time I reach 30, I’ll be in the position to go full time with the site and become self employed (yeah that’s right- girl boss!)

what emma did

4. Re-visit Australia and take a road trip
Any regular blog readers will know I always like to talk about my time in Australia. But I guess sometimes talking about it isn’t enough. I had the best year over there, and need to make sure I re-visit the place again before I hit 30. There are also a number of things I realised I didn’t do when over there that I would make sure to do this time around. One of those is to drive in Australia – I had took so much time away from driving, and obviously the roads in other countries are so different to the UK, that I just hid away from it. This time, I’d love to get behind the wheel and tour the parts of Australia I didn’t have time to see, with me behind the driving wheel. I came across this really cool dedicated page about a travellers guide to driving etiquette. which I find is a really clever creative to check out before you head to your designated country. For example, I hit the ‘Australia’ county option and it tells me tips about the driving etiquette over there, along with video footage and a bloggers opinion.

driving abroad
It’s actually really handy for me to know about for anywhere in the world I may decide to go. I usually don’t enjoy driving too much and shy away from it when abroad, but discovering this has made me feel a little more confident. I’ll be driving from Sydney to Melbourne in no time!

5. Holiday alone
This shouldn’t sound as scary as it will do for some of you. I travelled Bali and Singapore alone, and found that where as of course it’s lovely to have someone to talk to, it’s actually really nice to visit somewhere that you want to go to yourself, do the things only you want to do, and see what only you want to see. I’d love to take a tour of Italy within the next year – so why wait for someone to become free and save up with me if I’m ready to go? It’s not as scry as it sounds, and it’s something I want to try before next May.

6. Write a book
Obviously as a blogger I write everything down online everyday – always showcasing what I have been up to, along with my thoughts and opinions. I am trained in journalism (sometimes you may not guess by the casual tone of my posts!) and I spend a lot of my spare time thinking up storylines of potential book ideas. Perhaps before I hit 30, I can get this started…

7. Indulge in the world of You Tube
If your into the big world of blogging, you’ll know that YouTube ‘vloggers’ are the most recent big thing. really should have a channel, although the thought of it does scare me a little bit. But you know what the saying is: feel the fear and do it anyway…

8. Learn to be a good baker
I’m not a terrible baker, but I am up for winning no awards. Biscuits, flapjacks and packet mix cakes are currently my forte, and now I have my own new house with a rather smart kitchen, I could do with brushing up my skills. Once I get some more free time, I’ll start watching YouTube baking tutorials and start perfecting my cake baking skills. Plus, I’m a sucker for scones, so could do with learning the tricks to creating some delicious ones!


9. Go shopping in Toyko
In my opinion, Tokyo is one of the most stylish, quirky and independent cities of the whole world. I need to visit Tokyo to not only go shopping (but that would be the main reason of course) but to see the culture of the place, how the people dress, the food they eat, and experience the general hustle and bustle of the place.

10. Learn to play the piano
Something I have wanted to do for so long! I guess time gets in the way here. A couple of starter lessons are definiltye on my list to try and conquer whilst in my youthful twenties.

11. Camp underneath the stars in a beautiful location
I have camped out a number of times, including at Glastonbury and across Australia’s East Coast, but each time has involved muggy skies, a tiny tent, and crowds of others sharing the same pitch space. I long to experience a beautiful, scenic land area where I could pitch a huge luxurious tent which overlooks a clear, twinkling sky. An experience I really want to have in the next few months. Below is a few photos I dug out from my camping in Australia days!

camping in australia
fraser island cooking
tent selfie

12. Splurge on an outrageously expensive designer item
And last but definitely not least – to purchase an item so expensive it makes my eyes water. A designer handbag, a premium watch, or shoes that cost more than my monthly mortgage payment. Imagine just owning them and knowing that they were your own purchase. Just imagine…

If you have any ‘bucket list’ things to do of your own that you wish to share, do pop them in a comment below!

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