Lifestyle: The Best Way To Clean Your Jewellery

Whether you need to re-shine some of your delicate vintage eternity rings or polish up your gemstone pendant, you should take these important precautions to protect your jewellery and keep it looking it the best, shiny-est condition.

This year for, I’ve decided to publish more ‘informative’ features on the site – you know the ones which educate you how to do something you may normally forget, or a round-up feature for key advice. So today’s post follows this, and is all about that one task we all forget to do: cleaning those jewels!

Once you have read through these tips below, you’ll know how to properly maintain, clean and dry your jewellery. And you’ll be able to do so without damaging or scratching your gold, silver, rose gold, bronze etc…


Quite often people don’t realise that jewellery needs routine cleaning. This ensures your jewellery keeps its value and beauty. Plus, regular cleaning protects against grime building up – especially if you wear this piece of jewellery every day.

How do you clean your jewellery?

Warm water is going to be your best friend for keeping your jewellery sparkling clean. Warm water won’t damage your jewellery like boiling water could. Using hot water would erode it over time.

Using a squirt of gentle washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush, lightly rub your jewellery while rising it in the warm water.

You can also soak the jewellery in the warm water for up to 10 minutes before doing this. This is especially useful to do for your most delicate pieces. These delicate pieces of jewellery might only need a quick soak and a gentle rub using your fingers.

Drying your jewellery

It’s important to dry your jewellery gently to prevent from scratches. Using a strainer to rinse your jewellery keeps any gemstones or pendants from being lost, in the unlikely event of them coming loose.

To finish and polish your jewellery, you should use a microfiber towel to dry it off. Microfiber towels are much softer than cotton. The soft material won’t scratch any gemstones or pendants, so it’s important to make sure you only use a soft cloth.

Have you ever made a mistake while cleaning your jewellery?

If you have, let me know what happened and how we can avoid the same mistake by commenting below. I hope this has given you a clearer idea of how to clean your jewellery without scratching it. Additionally, you can learn more in the infographic below which is all about cleaning gemstones.

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