Lifestyle: The Alpro Smoothie Challenge

For those who know me, you’ll know that I try my best to limit the amount of dairy I consume. I’m not allergic, I’ve just found that when I over indulge in cheese and milk, I get the worst breakouts. This means I’m one of those annoying people who asks every waitress or cafe assistant if they do soya or almond milk, and I have to drink black tea or coffee if I’m to grab ‘on the go’ drinks from vending machines or at work.

Alpro has always been my number one choice for consuming milk and yoghurt, and not missing out. I purchase they’re dairy-free plain yoghurt and unsweetened soya/almond milk regularly. So when Aplro asked me to join in with their latest #AlproSmoothie project, I naturally jumped at the chance!

I thought I’d use this Smoothie challenge to try and be a ‘little’ bit healthy. I wanted to create a smoothie mixture that incorporated some nutrients and vitamins, but tasted yummy too. The first (and favourite!) smoothie I mixed up was what I like to call the ‘Nutty Banana’. Quite a cool name, right?

The ingredients are as follows:
Alpro Almond Milk
Alpro Yoghurt
Banana x2
Handful of Walnuts
Handful of Pumpkin seeds and Flaxseed
Cacao Balls

Simple, but so effective! I literally whizzed them all together, and created this creamy, banana rich smoothie with a strong nutty taste from the Almond Milk and the Walnuts. Think of all the protein packed into this!


Two other additions I had a play around with included the ‘Minty Fresh’ Smoothie, which featured all of the above except I switched up the banana with Mint Aero Chocolate Chunks (OK so this one was a little naughtier!), and the ‘Green Machine’, where I added half an avocado and a sprinkle of spinach leaves. This one didn’t rank as high in taste, but it definitely was up there in terms of nutrition!

Do you have a go-to smoothie you like to mix up when you get some free time? Is it a naughty but nice one? Or a healthy concoction? Do let me know!

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