Lifestyle: Summer to Winter Transition

With just a couple of weeks left in October, I’ve decided it’s my last chance to wear any bold, bright colours whilst I can still get away with it. My A/W transition is going to involve cramming those wardrobes with deep plums, rich navys and warm browns, and I’ll be sadly packing away any ‘hot’ palettes…

For my , I actually got a little head of myself and started looking at some fun, funky coloured dresses to launch for my Spring 2017 collection. So whilst we have the rest of October still with us, I’m making the most out of wearing these fresh colours below. I do wish I could wear magenta pink everyday!

So for one last time, I’m sporting an array of colour for any parties, get-togethers, meetings or whatever else is getting thrown upon me throughout October, just whilst I can. I’m super saddened to be saying goodbye to Summer, but I’m holding on to the start of Spring 2017 when I can whip out these beautiful dresses above and below, and start promoting them at my Boutique!

The transition from Summer to Winter doesn’t have to be a negative one though, and I’m trying my hardest to come up with some exciting things to sink my teeth into this year.

If you need a bit of pre-Winter perking up, take a look at some of my own goals and aims to see if you can get some Wintery inspiration too!

1. Indulge in new TV series and new books

There is no time like the colder months to start getting stuck into those Netflix TV series everyone goes on about. I for one am ridiculously behind with TV due to being so busy with work, but I’m hoping to reign in the events and after work meetings I attend, and switch them up for cosy nights on the couch. I’ve just started watching Stranger Things, and as soon as this finishes, I’ll be looking for my next one!

I’m also using the ‘staying in’ period to catch up on reading. I love reading with a passion, and I’ve just bought The Girl on the Train. I find reading a real hard past time to try squeeze in, but I’m really trying hard this Winter!


2. Take up knitting

As most of you know, I’m really into fashion and have my own dress boutique which keeps me busy. However, sewing and knitting is what I would call a real art form, creativity at its finest, and a lovely hobby to have if you are interested in fashion. Knitting is much more suitable for the Wintery months, therefore if I could learn how to knit just a couple of items, like hats, scarfs or shawls (lets start of small!), I’d be so pleased with myself.

I’ve come across Deramores Knitting Patterns online which has gave me a boost of inspiration, so i’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with this new found hobby!

3. Bake some winter warmers

As a girl with limited free time, I made a huge deal last month when I indulged in banana bread baking and various other healthy treats. Now that the darker nights are drawing in, it’s time for me to start learning how to make some delicious, nutrient packed homemade soups and casseroles. I’m thinking sweet potatoes, leeks, butternut squash and roasted vegetable type soups… MMMM!

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