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Today’s post is a little trip down memory lane, and a recap over one of the most amazing travel opportunities I have been lucky to experience. I decided to put together a little post about my time working over in Sydney, Australia, as I feel that a lot of bloggers and press I have met recently through networking events have been asking me a lot about the topic, and how I dealt with certain topics such as homesickness, adjusting to working in another country, and keeping in touch with friends back home.

I spent the best part of 9 months living in Sydney, before taking a little trip to Bali, Indonesia, and then finishing off in Singapore before returning to the UK. Sydney is an absolute dream; in fact the whole of Australia is. The lifestyle, the food, the sun, the people, the attitudes…. everything about this place is beautiful.

sydney opera house
bondi beach
bondi beach

I was actually amazed at how quickly I managed to secure a good job too once I settled over there. I have a history of working within the fashion industry in PR & Marketing, so I expected it to take a few months to find an established fashion brand recruiting for a specialist in this area, especially without having Australia sponsorship. This meant I could only secure a role with a brand for 6 months due to my visa, but that was more than fine with me. With a bit of English charm and luckily a very strong CV behind me, I started work last January at David Jones Head Office, working within the online marketing department for premium accessories and ladieswear.

The time difference was one of the downsides, and I was recently telling a few friends at a blogger event last week that I used to try to get into my work office early before anyone else arrived, to sit and eat my breakfast and make those important phone calls back to the UK. My tip would be to look into Lebara – they are a specialist mobile network for global connections, therefore it worked well for me to have a Lebara SIM card in my mobile so I could start making calls back home as soon as I got there.

Due to not wanting to get myself tied into difficult contracts that I would have had to break when I decided to jet off back to the UK, I found Lebara’s mobile services did the job for me easily and stress-free. Lebara was also really handy for keeping in touch with people I met on my first few weeks of travelling around Australia, who were then spread across a wide range of cities to travel and work (such as Perth – which is a staggering 5 hour flight from Sydney!).

sydney sunset

sydney girls
sydney sunset
bondi beach
bronte beach
If I was to tell you how many friends I made all across Australia, Bali and Singapore during my 10 months of travel, I really couldn’t give you an answer. I was lucky to connect and socialise with people from all areas of the world; some embarking on the same travelling trips and work plans as myself, and others were local to the cities and permanent residents. But being able to call back home or drop a text message everyday really helped at beating homesickness. Finding the time to have a quiet little place (i.e my work office at 7.30am with my breakfast and no one around) to make calls really let me catch up with family and friends, and share my stories and experiences.

Australia is over 24 hours away on a flight, so it is ridiculously far away and expensive to get to. If you are planning on moving over there for work, really consider your ability to fight homesickness, your ability to be independent, and your ability to fight any feelings of loneliness and embrace freedom. I managed all three, which resulted in having what I can only describe as one of the best times of my life!

Have you ever moved to another country for work or play? Do share with me!

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