Lifestyle: Petite Prosecco Is Everything I’ve Been Waiting For

OK ladies, I’ve been SO excited to share this product with you, and I’ve literally just shared it on my Instagram stories and I’m already getting so many positive comments!

So: there’s a low calorie Prosecco out there called Petite Prosecco, promising the delicious Prosecco fizz and taste, but with a much lower calorie count. The typical amount of calories in an average glass of Prosecco is 80-90, but Petite Prosecco offers just 59 calories. In a nutshell, you get to enjoy the fizzy side of life without feeling as naughty.


When I first heard about this product, I got really excited because I’m a huuuuge Prosecco drinker when I’m out with the girls. But not only just me – pretty much most ladies I know tend to favour a glass of Prosecco over most other drinks these days. It’s rare we’ll go round to each others houses for girly gatherings without someone bringing a bottle to pop open.

There have been rumours lately on the TV and online about Prosecco being more calorific than people once thought. With Petite Prosecco – there’s no messing really. It’s roughly 59 cals per glass. So there you go – you know what you’re consuming.

If you’re a bit of a Prosecco drinker, it may be worth considering switching to this reduced calorie, reduced sugar Prosecco with the same great taste.

In terms of sugar, it has 6 grams of residual sugar, which again is less than the usual supermarket Prosecco. Petite Prosecco comes straight from Treviso Italy, home of Prosecco if you didn’t already know, and uses the best grapes for sparkling wine in the business.

What’s more, it’s affordable too. A bottle will cost you just £12.99.

Check out the website here for more information and how to get hold of it!


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