Lifestyle: A Night In With Nola Spritz

This week has been hectic – it’s the run up to Christmas, so it has been back to back blogger parties┬áMonday to Friday! Not that I would complain, the past few nights have seen some fantastic events being held for Northern fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, but come Friday evening, I am shattered! Juggling the blog and brand events, along with a busy full time job, well it calls for a relaxing night in every now and again…

On this particular night in, I have to say I am accompanied by the best girls night in package you could ask for. Introducing to you all the Nola Spritz Night in kit – a lovely bundle of vodka spritz drinks, in both bottles and cans, and a yummy selection of flavored popcorn and mini meringues! Oh and not forgetting the most beautiful scented candle….


So I rounded up a group of girls, popped on a decent chick flick, and sat around in my apartment enjoying the little treats whilst I could unwind from the busy week. Usually, if I’m having a girls night in with some drinks and food, I’ll grab a bottle of Pinot Grigio or Red wine and a pizza, for the ultimate unhealthy night. This particular Friday though, the Nola package encouraged me to try and keep it a little bit ‘healthier’. Don’t get me wrong – I ‘m not declaring that sipping on vodka spritzer drinks and munching on meringues are by any means healthy, but they are a lot less naughty, with Nola containing a lower ABV and fewer calories than your standard glass of vino…

If you want a girly drink that tastes sweeter and more fruitier than wine, I reckon you will love these Nola vodka drinks as much as I do. I love a glass of wine but sometimes, if it’s not accompanying a decent meal, I do find it slightly bitter and sour- especially if I have opted for a cheap version! Nola, however, is one of the most enjoyable alcoholic drinks I’ve ever tasted. It’s like cockails and juice combined. Coming in refreshing flavours of Raspberry and Elderflower, and Watermelon and Strawberry, you can tell they have been created by women, for women, making a perfect catch up drink for a mid week night (or in my case, a chatty Friday night in). Lovely to sip with this little beauty of a candle lit…

nola nola spritz

It is the first night I’ve indulged in Nola, and I have to say, I’m turned. I didn’t miss my usual bottle of wine, and I can’t quite frankly get enough of these yummy drinks. The ideal companion for your next girly night in! Nola Vodka Spirtz drinks are available online and at selected Tesco stores.

So you may be wondering if I ditched the pizza and what did I swap it for? I was very impressed with myself – I popped to McCalls Organics stall in Manchester’s Northern quarter and picked up some gluten free goodies in the form of oats and peanut butter. Doesn’t sound very exciting does it – but I did my usual mash up of oats, bananas, peanut butter, almonds and honey, baked for 15 minutes, and served up healthy, sweet flapjacks without putting any fatty sugar or butter in this! No syrup either, and it tastes like a chewy, crispy, toasted flapjack. It may not be everyone’s ideal Friday night food, but I absolutley adore it and it gives me my ‘desert kick’ without breaking into a slice of cake. Don’t knock until you have tried…


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