Lifestyle: New Socialising App ‘DropApp’ Launches

Let’s not beat around the bush: life can be lonely. Not everyone on this Earth is blessed with a large group of ‘besties’. In fact, even the ones that are blessed with numerous groups of friends don’t always have it as rosy as you may think.

Sometimes we struggle to find the right person to enjoy doing the things we like to do, to visit the same places, eat the same food, and even just to pass a few hours by with. When it comes to relationships, the opposite sex and dating, dating and matchmaker app’s have nipped this problem straight in the bud.

But what about friendships? Companionship’s? Or more importantly – socialising?

I received some information earlier on this week about a newly launched app which brings new ‘life’ to socialising, as it basically acts as a social media app which connects you to the entire globe. In a nutshell, you download the app, you connect as many of your own social media profiles as you wish, and you can link your location. It’s called DropApp, and I can only expect it to go down a storm!

When you have DropApp on your phone or device, you can then search for people nearby, in the same place that you live and socialise, or perhaps in places you’re soon to be travelling to (an exotic country, or just another city on a work trip). The app basically just lets you make friends.

Whether it’s a travel buddy, someone to have lunch with when you’re next in London, someone to have a coffee with over the weekend if you’re feeling all alone, or whatever your needs are.

It’s really simple and I can’t help but read this and think: why hasn’t this been so big before?

Loneliness (or not even loneliness, perhaps that’s a bit extreme, more like just having a lack of people to reach out to when you really want to socialise) is a silent topic. We spend hours on social media ‘watching’ others ‘living their best lives’, and even if you think you don’t, you’d be surprised.

It’s normal to see your Facebook and Instagram friends snapping flat lays of stylish lunches with a cool set of work buddies. The freelancer out there who works alone 5 days out of 7 may feel wracked with jealousy. You may also spy big groups of dressed up girls ready to go ‘#OutOut’, which can be crappy if you’re a single girl wanting to let your hair down, and all your friends are married off and no longer want to go out.

In short, sometimes we all need some good damn company, right?!

Or, you may just spy people going to the gym, going on walks, or island hopping (more extreme!) with another person, and you wish you had a bit of company to join you.

With DropApp, you can easily set your location, browse users, set a radius search, message users, join groups, and add specified interests so you can meet socialise with similar people.

I think it’s a lovely new venture, and the app is completely free to download, so nothing to lose at all!

All photography by the lovely and very professional Manchester based photographer Georgie Glass 

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