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I suppose one area I haven’t touched on too much lately on the blog is actually one of my biggest loves – and that’s music. My taste in music can be quite varied; I love a little bit of everything in moderation and can tolerate most genres. However, I have two favourite types and they couldn’t be more opposite, and that’s R&B and Acoustic!

When I’m getting ready for an evening out or choosing bars on a Saturday night, I always opt for R&B. Most people crinkle their noses up at this preference, but hey, I love it! I do like a good dance and there’s nothing better than the old rhythm and blues…

My second favourite type of music is acoustic guitar music, in which I am a huge fan. When I was 15 I started taking guitar lessons; I would attend once a week for a couple of years, and to this day I am actually a pretty good acoustic guitar player (if I do say so myself).

So for someone who has spent many years with an interest in musical equipment, amplifiers and whatnot, it’s quite surprising I’m a bit of a stranger to ‘fancy speakers’ as I like to refer to them as. So when I received a fantastic MusicFLOW NP5550B by LG -a nifty Bluetooth speaker- I was pretty much in my element, experimenting with my new toy.

lg speakers

It makes playing music from your mobile phone so easy, providing an incredible sound system to a really high quality. I simply downloaded the Spotify app on my phone (I already had it on my desktop), set up the speakers (which is a super quick job) connected my bluetooth and hooray – all set up with brilliant speakers!

The good thing about these speakers for me personally is that they are light in weight, easy to handle and manageable to carry around. I can be sat on my bed doing some work on my laptop with the speakers rested on my bed playing my music via Spotify, and then can pick it up and take it with me when I head downstairs to start cooking.

No wires means no mess, and the speakers just need charging up every now and again so are pretty low maintenance. I would definitely recommend Bluetooth speakers for anyone who has a camping trip or mini holiday coming up, or is looking for the best beach speaker.


LG Musicflow

Whilst on the subject of LG and music, LG are currently running a competition to win a trip to meet Ed Sheeran…in Sydney! For those who are avid readers of the blog will know I lived in Sydney for a year and it’s one of my ultimate favourite places ever.

Everything about the built up busy vibe and the cosmopolitan surroundings just make Sydney a desirable city.

So to actually go over there, have five nights in Sydney, stay in a 5* hotel, watch Ed Sheeran in concert at Allianz Stadium with the chance to meet him, well it’s just a dream prize. All you have to do to enter is watch a quick video, answer a simple question and fill in your details, and to make sure you do all this before November 10th when the competition closes.

LG Speakers

I’ve gone ahead and entered myself as I honestly can’t think of anything I’d rather do more on the 6th December – which is the date the winner would fly over. To get you all (and myself!) in the musical mood, I’ve put together a dedicated Spotify playlist featuring all my favourite songs at presents, with a little bit of Mr Sheeran thrown in too.

From his early days, I have included the beautiful song ‘Kiss Me’, and also his more recent popular hits such as ‘Photography’ and ‘I See Fire’.


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