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melt candle

There’s nothing I love more in my home- and in life as well come to think of it – than a lovely scented candle. There is just something about a dimly lit room with a flickering candle light and a deep, rich scent. Some would say my candle addiction is possibly getting a little out of hand, as I probably own around 30 candles alone in my house. I guess when you just become a homeowner, candles make the perfect house warming gift. So I like to blame that a little bit on why I own so many of them…

However, my latest one has to be my very favourite, I have literally never smelt anything so strong, yet so lovely. Introducing my new Melt Shine candle from White Paris Luxury. The beauty of the candles from this fantastic online retailer is that each one has different well-being effects, depending on the fragrance.

melt candle

The reason why I selected this specific one is due to it’s well-being effects covering stress and pain reduction, and the ability to help improve the skin. I don’t usually find myself in much pain (touch wood!) but I do happen to be under a lot of stress in my busy life, and don’t even get me started with on going skin problems.

So how does it work? By combining the fresh scent of grapefruit with herbs and spices, this Shine Pillar Candle is a unique scented pillar candle that can be used anywhere in your home. I currently have it beside my fireplace, and love to light it an hour or two before I go to bed.

melt candle.

The fresh and clean scents that are provided are accented by its attractive design – it looks just like a pretty church candle. It also comes in a gift box so it actually makes a perfect gift. I would personally describe this candles scent as fresh & zingy , with clean and sharp notes. At first smell (before it’s lit) it can seem overwhelming, but once it’s lit and the fragrance starts to fill the room, it soon infuses with the air, giving subtle, ‘perfumey’ notes.

This particular one is what I would call a perfect introduction to melt’s range of home fragrances. Now I’ve experience the richness and long lasting fragrance from the Shine, I’m intrigued to try out more of them!

melt candle

melt candle
At present, I’m noticing the stress reducing properties from the candle’s gorgeous, relaxing scent when I light it in the evenings. I instantly feel much more clear headed and calm. As for the skin improvements – I’ll keep you updated!

This candle costs £15.95, and you can check out the entire collection over at the White Paris Luxury website.

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