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Here’s a post for my male readers out there! The day you propose will be one that you never forget, so you definitely want to make it as perfect as it can possibly be. Remember, life isn’t perfect, and things can get in the way, but you can certainly use the tips below to make your proposal to your significant other the best that it can possibly be.

Consider the Ring That She Will Love

First off, you need to purchase the perfect engagement ring that your girlfriend will absolutely adore and will want to wear everywhere she goes in order to proudly show it off. If you have been talking about getting engaged, you have likely talked about the ring styles that she prefers. If not, you will need to be quite clever in figuring out what she would love, based upon her other jewelry choices. You can find a lot of inspiration, though, at places like Ascot Diamonds, so browse the selection before making a final decision.


Think About the Perfect Location

Next, you will need to think about the ideal location to pop the big question. Again, think about your girlfriend’s style, and try to remember any hints that she may have dropped in all the time that you have known her and if you have perhaps even discussed getting engaged. No matter what, make it special and memorable. Perhaps you will propose where you two met for the first time, or maybe you will do it during a stroll on a beautiful beach, or even in a hot air balloon.


Keep It a Surprise

The best way to propose is to pop the question when your girlfriend least expects it, so keep your proposal a secret to ensure it will be a big surprise when it finally happens. You may only want to tell very few people, such as your parents, to prevent anyone from accidentally spilling the news while in conversation with your girlfriend. You especially don’t want to tell anyone who is known for having a big mouth, ruining surprises, and generally being unable to keep a secret.

Make It Fun

Yet another way that you can propose in the most perfect way is by making it fun. If you and your girlfriend are huge fans of Halloween, for example, you may decide to show up at her door as a trick-or-treater wearing a mask and holding up a sign that reads “Will You Marry Me?” Or you may decide to propose to your beloved while at a sporting event supporting your favorite team (who knows, you may even make it on the Jumbotron). Whatever it is that you decide, make it clever, make it fun, and make her laugh while being surprised and pleasantly shocked by your question. This is a sure-fire way to make the event a very memorable one, and one that you can maybe even share with others.


With the tips above, you can plan the proposal of your girlfriend’s dreams and get the resounding “yes” that you want to hear. Reflect on what makes you so special together, and let that guide your proposal planning.

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