Lifestyle: How To Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Once you have bought your new place – or moved into a new property for yourself – the next exciting step is to decorate it exactly how you like it! There is nothing more exciting than making a house a home. It’s like the reward you get after months of stress related to house hunting, paperwork, and money grinds…

If this is a process that you have ever gone through before, then you will know that this can be quite costly and before you know it, you can have spent way more than you had originally anticipated. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can decorate your home and put your stamp on it, without spending an absolute fortune.

When I moved into my house, I was doing it solo so every penny counted. I scrimped and saved and made sure everything was below budget – and I managed it!

Below, I wanted to share some little top tips on how you can decorate your home and add those finishing touches while on a budget too. It’s totally possible when you look at cutting some corners.


It may seem really simple, but a new paint job can really add your own personal touch to a room, without having to spend lots of money. The way in which you paint a room can fool the eye, and you can actually use paint to create optical illusions in the room to make a smaller space feel much bigger. For example, if you use vertical stripes, this can make the height of a room appear much bigger.

A clean white/cream wall with a large mirror opens up the space, creating a visually larger, deeper room. Dark coloured walls close in the space, giving a more cosy, snug feel.

Indoor Plants

A great way to add an extra touch to your home décor on a budget is to use indoor plants. These can be placed anywhere in your home and are a great visual piece in any room. They can also fill up a space that you eventually want to place furniture in, but maybe cannot quite afford it just yet!

They involve no upkeep, and add that instant freshness to any room. I tend to buy them from IKEA, and you can get them from as cheap as £2.99!



Make Your Own Art

One of the easiest ways in which you can decorate your home on a budget is to create your own art. This can be something as simple as a painting or creating some with crafts. One thing I did was purchasing a gorgeous paperback book on fashion illustration, filled with A4 designs. I carefully cut them out from the book, and framed them in black wall frames. They look super stylish, modern and expensive!

However, we know that not everyone is very arty and so you can always look for more affordable pieces of art to place in your household. Fine Art America is the perfect place for you to visit if you are looking to purchase some affordable art pieces for your home. At Fine Arts America, you can find framed prints, posters, art prints and even throw pillows that will add a beautiful touch to your home but keep to your budget too.


Another great finishing touch to any room that does not have to cost the earth is candles. A lovely cluster of candles looks great on any surface and can add an ambiance to your room that it was otherwise lacking.

Place a few on on the base of your fireplace, or the central focal point of your living room. Even those church style candles which don’t look pleasing to the eye can look real modern when encased into  glass holders, or cute lantern style cases. I love getting candles in large chunky jars which are decorated real minimum with just a logo or shiny touches of silver for elegance.

Repurpose Your Furniture

An easy way to spruce up your home is to re-purpose furniture already within it. If you have an older chair that is slightly rickety, instead of just getting rid of it, you could give it a new lease of life by turning it into a bedside table. It’s amazing how much you can transform old, unattractive furniture by simply throwing over a gorgeous throw or a sheet of fabric in your favourite color/print/texture.

I covered up a lilac painted wooden trunk with a grey knit throw-over blanket, and popped by Tom Ford book onto it along with a Jo Malone candle, and I promise you it looks like the most premium corner of my living room!

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