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My current living situation is a little all over the place at the moment, with living between Manchester and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Having two houses and two ‘bases’ works to my advantage a lot of the time – my boyfriends Newcastle house is closer to work, it’s near pretty Cheshire, it’s a large 3 bedroom house with a driveway, and it means I spend less time commuting. However, it;s further away from my family and friends, meaning its not very accessible for inviting my nearest and dearest round.

My own house in Manchester is a small-ish two bedroom town house, decorated and themed to the modern yet cosy feel Ilike. It’s almost a little cottage like, with modern updates, and a spare room which is home to my blog, boutique and work. It’s pretty and cute, stylish and homely. Even if it doesn’t have a driveway and parking for my boyfiend and I is a nightmare!

I’ve recently been looking at ways to keep my house decorated and accessorised to my tastes, yet make it homely for the both of us. I’ve recently upgraded my two seater mocha sofa for this lovely light grey corner sofa from DFS -which you can find out more about over at this blog post.

It completely makes the living room a more focal, central room of the house – inviting and ideal for gatherings/lazy nights/hosting get together’s/ TV catch-ups! And I’ve been adding some beautiful patterned rugs to the bedrooms too to make the themes more ‘neutral’, so in other words, not as girly and fashion focused…

For my other house in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, the focus has been on the kitchen. I wanted to bring a touch of contemporary ‘class’ to the kitchen, to make it look a little more stylish, state-of-the-art and classic. However, I definitely don’t have the budget to completely update a kitchen, or any room in the house in fact – so for me it’s all about the little adjustments and accessories that can alter the look and feel.

So here I am, introducing my beloved new bin from AMARA. I wanted to find a sleek and sophisticated silver and black bin to sit in a little alcove in the kitchen to bring a modern touch, and I found exactly what I was looking for on AMARA within a minute!

The Rectangular Lid Touch Bar Bin from Simplehuman which was purchased from AMARA is both stylish and modern, fitting in with my other shiny silver and black kitchen accessories, including a toaster, kettle and spice rack. It’s smart silver and black stainless steel finish sits well with the light wooden kitchen units, subtly mixing a light and fresh feel with a chic cutting-edge twist.

The compact rectangular shape fits brilliantly into a little space at the side of our kitchen, giving a sleek look that updates any tired or plain decor currently in the kitchen.

It’s super easy to use, and especially good for when cooking and preparing meals and you are back and forth to the bin. It has the most fuss-free responsive touch button, which opens up the lid and reveals a large base to throw any unused scraps.

It’s also worth noting that this bin is super easy to clean and polish, so it never looks run down or messy, just shiny and attractive! I may sound very old and boring right now raving about kitchen bins, but the range from AMARA is extensive and super premium, without being ridiculously expensive, and gave me a whole lot of new kitchen decor inspiration! There are many more styles to browse here.

It’s quite a luxury buy at £90, but it’s a classic fail safe kitchen item that I’m overly impressed with. I never knew I’d get so excited about a bin, but it really has updated the look and feel of the kitchen, with just one simple everyday item.

I can’t recommend AMARA enough for home wear and interior browsing- they have some fantastic things on their website. I’m currently musing over their collection of light grey bedding and cushions, in an attempt to give our bedroom a little more of a fresher feel. No doubt I’ll be posting some updates!

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