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You may or may not have seen my recent blog post about my 40 Days of Fitness Challenge with DW Fitness, but if you did, you will have seen that the challenge wasn’t just physical fitness focused. Not only did it involve a range of workout activities and exercises, it also included diet tips, for example- incorporating the superfood sweet potato into your meals for the day, or challenging you to cook something creative with foods high in protein.

What I learnt from carrying out the #FitnessRevolution 40 Days of Fitness Challenge was that it isn’t just the amount of working out, running, weights and cardio activity you practice, it’s the whole combination of food, drink, nutrients and vitamins that you pair up with your exercise, to create a healthy ‘lifestyle’.

As the 40 day challenge with DW Fitness was almost over, I received the best fitness hamper box I have ever have wished for. As a final attempt to spur myself on with my fitness goals, this package contained everything I needed to make the most of my training and healthy snacking/nutrient intake. Here are some of the fantastic products I’ll be using for various different results…

collagen gold
Gold Collagen – Active GOLD COLLAGEN is a liquid which you drink as a supplement, promoting beautiful looking skin and hair, as well as supporting muscles and joints. The collagen-enriched formula contains glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and L-carnitine and works from within to fight the signs of ageing and cares for muscles and joints. I would love to sip this everyday! £35.99 for a 10 day programme, available at the Gold Collagen website.

milk shake
Ufit High Protein Health Shakes – I love these types of protein drinks, as I love milkshake! And they taste exactly the same right? Ufit is packed with 22g of protein goodness with added fibre, vitamins and minerals. Made from milk protein, these drinks are designed to support the demands of an active lifestyle and can help in the building and maintenance of healthy muscle and bones. Available at The Protein Drinks Co.

bounce protein
Bounce Energy Balls – So these are ridiculously tasty, chewy and full of flavour! Due to the amount of protein they seem to take a while to chew, which is only a good thing for me as it means I can enjoy these for longer. Available from Bounce Foods, I have been chomping on the Cacao Mint Protein Bomb; an epic new recipe that harnesses the healthy power of cacao nibs, sunflower seeds, quality proteins and rice bran. It’s exploding with delicious, nutritious goodness and just literally tastes so yummy.

bounce protein
BioCare Perform Intensive Sachets – Perform Intensive is a unique, high potency powder combination designed to support energy production. It contains vitamin B3, arginine, citrulline, glutamine and beetroot extract in a single, great tasting and convenient sachet. I like how these can easily be mixed into liquids, making it simple too add all these nutrients to my diet. Available from BioCare.

fitness snacks
How healthy is the above for a work ‘top drawer’? I remember when my work drawers would consist of McVities Chocolate Digestives and a can of diet coke. Not any more – green teas and all these fitness foods!

fitness books
fitness book
As well as fitness food and drink treats, I am now also equipped with some muscle and joint products, and some hand literature on the good old topic of fitness and well-being. For all sprains, muscle ache, bruising and swelling, I now own Nelson’s ArniCare, from the Nelsons Natural World website. I was also given the Pureessential Muscle and Joint Roller,  which contains 14 essential oils to provide a natural pain killing solution for muscle and joint tension. I haven’t used it yet, but this is definitely worth keeping in my beauty product box for if I go a little overboard with exercise and start aching.

This other miracle product I’m looking forward to giving a go is the Adigym Endurance Exercise Formula – A brand new body formula that mimics the effects of endurance exercise. Adigym Endurance Exercise Formula contains a revolutionary new active called actigym™ that enhances the growth of type 1 muscle fibre, which are those gained from endurance exercise. Type 1 muscle fibres are the best fat burners in the body. I’ll be reporting back on this! Available here. To complete my ‘set’, I am now also armed with Immulina– a new and effective dietary supplement for everybody leading an active life. Immulina is the daily work-out of your immune system so you can meet the challenges of a busy and stressful life. The capsules stimulate the immune system to an optimum level, to better enable us to meet the challenges in our busy lives with its bio-active microalgae complex.

I also have two very interesting fitness reads which are full of motivation for all health, fitness and well-being- the New You Boot Camp book and The Science Of Fitness.

I’ve no excuses for slacking now, right?

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