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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to, happy birthday to yoooooou!

So this day 5 years ago, I set up on the 11th January 2010. And it really doesn’t seem like 5 whole years ago. I can still remember the day I came across a really cool little fashion blog and thinking I wanted to create one of my own too, so therefore I created a blog that evening via wordpress and started recording links to my online fashion journalism on the site. It was like a little ‘work hub’- all my online journalism could start being logged in one online portal, as well as having a little chatty blog type page for me to start sharing all my fashion ramblings. A months later, I started sharing my love for beauty, food and fitness on the blog too, and by the time 6 months had passed, it was definite more of a ‘lifestyle blog’, but with strong fashion roots and groundings.


Over the 5 years that has been running, so many things have taken place that the journey really has been truly incredible. There has been way too much to highlight, but I am going to jot a couple of things down that have been key to 5 years of being editor of this website. Before I do, just how amazing is this 5 year framed print, celebrating what my blog is all about? My twin sister bought it for me from Berry Unique, and I can’t believe how fantastic it is! It is just what I needed to celebrate proudly – this is now hung up firmly on my wall and fits in with my grey, black and white bedroom perfectly.

So here we go…

2010 – The year it began! I was living in West Didsbury with a group of my lovely friends, whom I am still friends with today. I worked for a fashion and make-over photography studio, before heading into a more digital marketing and PR role at a fashion brand head office. The blog won the award for Best New Fashion Blog with Cosmopolitan magazine and, I travelled down and contributed for for London Fashion Week, and I secured a 6 month contract with Matalan launching their new blog and being the brand’s guest writer. An amazing year!

2011– I continued my fashion marketing & PR career, but switched company to work for a jewellery and accessory brand. This role so me travelling to London a lot, attending photoshoots, meeting all the journalists and stylists at the key magazines an newspapers, and generally really growing in my career. Along with my career, my blog grew, and I appeared on BBC North West Today and Tonight discussing fashion advice as one of my main highlights!

2012-2013 – During these years, I managed to guest blog for some fantastic brands, such as Republic, BrandAlley and Missguided, along with building up some great brand relationships that I work closely with to this date. And then, after 3 as a fashion PR & Marketing Executive, I decided to leave my job and head to the sunnier shoes of Sydney, Australia!

2013/2014– One of the most life changing year experiences – 9 months spent in Australia, with a little bit of travel thrown in with the East Coast of Australia, Bali and Singapore. I managed to secure a 6 month contract within online marketing at Australian fashion giants David Jones head office, a nice little house share at Bondi Juction, and the best memories and friends made that will last me a lifetime! The blog did take a little step back; it remained running but the posts did pop up on a slower basis than usual.

But now I am back and have been busier than ever! I juggle the blog with a busy job at a media agency, as well as starting up a more business-side to, but only time will reveal what that will be in more detail.

So yesterday, I spent the day having a number of nice little treats with my friends to celebrate 5 years in blogging. We took to some of my favourite Manchester eateries- El Capo and Teacup Kitchen in Manchester’s Norther Quarter during the day for amazing burritos, tea and cake, and then onto Gusto on Deansgate during the evening, followed by Elixir Tonics & Treats and Blackdog Ballroom. I definitely celebrated in style!

Thanks everyone for your support in what has been a great 5 years in blogging – here is to another 5 and much more exciting things to come!

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  1. January 11, 2015 / 11:42 pm

    Congratulations Emma! Sounds like you had a lovely day celebrating too x

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