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I’m not going to pretend to you all that I’m one of these girls who indulges in literacy time, rounding up a busy day by snuggling down with a good book and getting lost in the world of fiction (or non-fiction). This is something I would love to do, but as we all know I live an electronic life, and the last thing I do at night before turning out the lights is logging off, not placing down a hardback book. But I do have trouble sleeping from constantly running an online blog and a business, meaning I’m always ‘connected’ which equals to an overly connected mind late at night.

I love reading, and read almost everyday as a child. I had bookcases of paperbacks and hardbacks, and the fact I was always a high grade student through education is half because of my addiction to reading, or so I like to think. So I do try and steal the odd hour when I’m travelling these days. To try and ease myself back in, I’ve been reading the young and light-hearted Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, to help me switch away from my electronic world and amuse myself in young adult comedy and emotion.

finding audrey
finding audrey

Kinsella’s insight into the young adult world has always been so realistic – I read her Shopaholic series many years ago in my late teen’s after picking up one of the books from a charity shop and loved her wittyness and spot on relations to how the real world is. Finding Audrey is the perfect mix of comedy with an emotional and relatable subject that we may all have experienced: bullying. It’s a subject that makes me really angry, so it raised a few emotions during my reading journey!

A little bit about the storyline without giving too much away: Audrey has been severely bullied and now has to go through therapy sessions to try help her to leave the house and trying new things again, in aid to re-build her life and shattered confidence. Audrey is supported by her mother, a slight hypochondriac over Audrey’s illness, however this character is so loveable and brings the comedy value to the book.

And in true feminine fiction, there’s a love story. The storyline is so touching, proving that even as a fourteen year old girl struggling with anxiety and fighting fearful feelings, love can still find you.

finding audrey
Kinsella was written an emotional yet comical book that discusses the unexpected things life can throw at you. It takes you on a reminiscent trip to your teenage years and how hard they can be, including family battles and overcoming the hurtful effects from bullying. As mentioned before, I have always been a Kinsella fan, and this book didn’t disappoint. A lovely read!

Finding Audrey is published by Penguin Random House


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