Lifestyle: Fathers Day Gifts For Men Guide 2018

Never fear: Fathers Day is just around the corner (June 17th, in case you forgot!) and my gifts for men feature is FINALLY here…

Although my Dad has an interest in my blog and the whole What Emma Did world, he isn’t reeeeally my target audience (lets be honest…) so I’m not too worried about him stumbling across this blog post and discovering his present early! So, what will I be gifting Papa What Emma Did on June 17th?

Well, first of all, I’ll be announcing to him that we have booked a little family trip away to Lytham St Annes in July – a gorgeous house for the weekend close to the town and the beach. It will be myself, my sister Lucy, my Mum, my boyfriend, my brother in law and my niece and nephew, for two nights.

Last year we went to Whitby for the weekend for my Mum’s 70th birthday, and it was just soooo lovely. Quality family time is so so important, and families just don’t seem to do it too often these days. We all had the nicest of times nestled away in a cottage in Whitby for the weekend, so much so we have recreated the experience in another location to celebrate my Dad.

Also, between myself and my sister, we’ve got him a ticket to come with us to see Les Miserables at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, next year. It’s literally my favourite ever show and I can’t wait to go and see it again!

I always think it’s nice to give a little cheeky gift that your Dad can open on Fathers Day too, because lets face it, it’s his day and it’s always that extra bit special to be handed a present. Why not look at something from Thorntons? They have so many ideal gifts for men. And if they say food is the way to a mans heart, then they are hardly going to refuse luxury chocolate!

Whether you’re buying gifts for men this year for fathers, step dads, brothers, boyfriends, uncles or Grandads, there should definitely be something in my list below that might be able to help you with last minute presents (and you won’t find an aftershave on the list…)


  • A loaded Starbucks Giftcard – does your Dad work in the city? Or just a big coffee drinker, and appreciates a good old tall latte with a hazelnut syrup? Why not get him a loaded giftcard from Starbucks, so his next months coffee’s are all funded for? FYI, if anyone is ever wondering what to get me for a present, I’d LOVE this! (wink wink)
  • Netflix Subscription – especially if he wants to start getting into some new series out there
  • Acoustic Guitar – has he always wanted to take up playing an instrument? Why not get him an acoustic guitar? If you search deep enough, you can find decent ones for around £50-£70 and it will make a great starter musical gift.
  • A Kindle (around £100) – I always find that anything like iPads, Kindles, anything like that is something you would rather get as a gift, rather than something you treat yourself to. If your Dad has a holiday coming up, or he’s a keen reader, this is pretty much a fail safe gift…
  • Portable BBQ – OK so we’re down to have a warm Summer, and although never guaranteed, I’m sure we’re ready for a good few more weeks of outdoor dining and garden fun. Get him a BBQ unit so he has no excuse to get those burgers sizzling. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get all the family round!
  • New Trainers – Again, trainers are something we often don’t want to invest it ourselves, but if someone else is willing to treat us…? Why not look at the latest pairs of Adidas or Nike if he’s into his fashion, or New Balance or Puma if he’s a real sports fan?
  • Gym Membership – has Dad been indulging too much this year? Gym memberships shouldn’t be a thing we all go crazy for in January. Summer can be the best time to get thinking about joining, and getting fitter for an upcoming holiday! Why not get him a months upfront membership? Or, a few of you club together for a years pass? Pure Gym can cost as low at £18.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time…
  • Cheese Board – most Dad’s enjoy nothing more than treating themselves to fine cheeses and a bottle of port. But it’s mainly see as a Christmas treat. But why wait another 6 months to indulge?

What other ideas do you have that you think we should all hear about? I’m always up for new gift ideas 🙂

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