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Over the past few months, I’ve seen so much buzz and excitement around Desenio and their stunning poster prints, mainly on Instagram. So today’s post is all about them, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I’m running a discount code today! The code ‘whatemmadid’ gives 25% off posters* between 3rd – 4th January. (*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.)

I’ve literally been eyeing their designs and working out which ones would work well in my own house, thinking about room choices, colour schemes and wall positioning. I have to say, of all the decorating tasks and interior styling I’ve ever done, choosing posters from Desenio has been my hardest job to date – there are so many frickin’ awesome designs!

We’re currently decorating at the moment at our house, and we were meant to have our shiny new grey wallpaper up last weekend. But as we attempted it ourselves and came across the problem of rather wonky walls, we’ve had to park the job until this weekend. So from next week, I’ll have some new photos to share, showcasing some new Desenio prints hung neatly up on the newly papered walls!

But for now, this Girl Silhouette Poster, made from a beautiful matte premium paper, is nestled into a white picture frame (also from Desenio) sitting pretty in my home office. The stylish black-and-white photo art poster shares the silhouette of a woman in profile and a multi-layered photograph of the sea, the sky and birds in flight. When I first looked at it, it reminded me of a girl with birds flying around in her mind – the girl who can’t sit still with one idea, the girl who sits there dreaming away. So it was a natural instinct to pick this poster print!

This design is perfect as part of a black-and-white gallery wall with other photography prints and black-and-white posters, like the fashion ones I currently have up.

The frame situation at Desenio is super easy – when you browse the poster prints you want, it gives you a range of frames in the matching sizes which complete the chosen print. Its so much easier and fuss-free to shop wall art this way. There’s nothing more annoying that receiving a gorgeous picture for the wall, and having to then trawl the internet for one you hope will match the sizing, suit the colour scheme and not cost the Earth.

You can browse the full range of frames over at the Desenio frames shop, and you’ll notice they have everything from shiny clean gold to copper and oak.

That’s another plus point of Desenio, not only are their posters trendy and modern and suit any type of home, they are also affordable. A 21 x 30 cm print starts at £6.95, and the size I have here in my photos is the 50 x 70 cm, costing around £21.

From typography to scenery, quotes and arty photography, Desenio have possibly the most extensive collection of prints I’ve ever seen. How they display them onsite and provide inspirational images too helps you visualise how they will look in certain rooms, and really gives you those ‘home goals’ inspirational feels you really need!

I have another 3 framed poster prints from Desenio coming up on the blog and social media channels, so stay tuned for those. But in the meantime, enjoy your 25% code using ‘whatemmadid’!

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