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How many times have you planned a weekend in a different city, not had chance to plan the itinerary, then the day has crept up and you are suddenly like HELP! I need some recommendations!?

In this day and age, it’s all about the ‘here and now’ – the hottest pop-up places, the newest launches, the one day festivals and the rare exhibitions. So thanks to Hotel Direct, they have come up with an answer to this; A Unique Twitter Guide, just launched to provide fun and unique city recommendations from 20 leading Twitter accounts. And who better to be linked to the city of Manchester than yours truly? Check out my interview with Hotel Direct below…

hotel direct
hotel direct
You can read my full interview here, where I share some of my Manchester favourites as well as discussing a bit more about of course!

I think this Ultimate Twitter Guide is a fab modern way of connecting the world with tips and ideas from the social media world – the guide features the leading Twitter accounts you have to follow in any given city, and compiles them all into one easy-to-follow Twitter list. From leading journalists to food enthusiasts and arts buffs, the 20 accounts Hotel Direct have included will give insight to even the most seasoned city-hopper.

The project first kicked off with London, but they have been adding to that with an awesome Edinburgh guide and soon-to-be completed Manchester list to boot.

Take a look for yourself here!

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