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Last week, I was invited along to one of the most enjoyable evening events I have attended in a long while. Taking place in Chorlton (the ‘trendy and hip’ town in Manchester), myself and 8 other lifestyle bloggers turned up at The Post Box cafe to join in with the ‘Smoothie Wars’ blogger competition, held by Ninja Kitchen– a brand who retail a fantastic range of blenders to encourage healthy eating and incorporating fruit and vegetables into your everyday diets.

The aim of the evening was for the 9 of us to battle it out by making smoothies from a wide range of ingredients, making our smoothie personal to how we would like it to look and taste, then rating each other’s and seeing which one comes out on top to be crowned the most tastiest smoothie. We were greeted with a lovely champagne reception, and seated together to chat and look over the ingredients whilst learning about the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Blender….


The ingredients laid out for us featured a bundle of healthy fruits and vegetables, but also a handful of ‘naughty’ additions such as milk chocolate, white chocolate buttons and maple syrup. Well, you do have to consider the taste, right?

The evening was being filmed by the lovely crew from The Post Box cafe and Ninja Kitchen, as they watched each one of us head up to the table, chop up our chosen ingredients, pop them into our blenders and blend away with a little bit of ice. The great thing about these blender’s is that they are super quick – even if you have tougher ingredients in your blender they manage to have one touch intelligence for nutrient and vitamin extraction in seconds. No need to shake, stir or mix! Just press the blend option and let the Nutri Ninja work it’s blending magic.

So what vital ingredients did I opt for to make my smoothie then? Well, as you all know I spent the last year in Australia, where everyone and I mean everyone lives on a diet of smoothies as the entire country is ridiculously healthy. Smoothie cafes are on every corner, so I incorporated them into my diet on a daily basis over there. Sadly, the UK is very much behind on this diet trend, however I tried to remember some of my fave Aussie inspired concoctions and show the other bloggers my healthy potion!

I put together a more creamier, healthy smoothie by combining Avocado, Banana, Kiwi, Spinach, a little bit of Kale… and then a teeny tiny squirt of syrup just to sweeten things up along with the banana. It kind of mixed together to form a bit of a murky brown-ish green-ish colour, where as everyone else made lots of pretty red berry coloured ones… ah well! Looks aren’t everything they say!

Going slightly off topic here, but The Post Box cafe in Chorlton is actually a really cute and quaint place to come along for food and a drink. It has lots of retro styled artwork on the walls and an old school book shelf type wall filled with old pottery and books. A really interesting place to lunch, where you feel intrigued looking around the place and eyeing up the decor.

the post box


We continued sipping our fizz, blending our smoothies, grading each other out of 10 and then nibbling on some tasty treats that The Post Box Cafe rustled up for us. Lots of bruschetta topped with salmon, cheese, steak, cranberry… and the most amazing little chocolate bites! The ideal snacks to fuel our evening.


what emma did

The camera crew were enjoying capturing the moments from the evening, which ended with some short interviews with all us bloggers, talking about our experience with the blender and what we thought of our creations. Sadly, I didn’t win. In fact, I didn’t even make the top 3… but I personally love the mix of avocado, bananas and spinach so mine was still a winner in my eyes! Although it didn’t look the most appealing in comparison to the others with their attractive pink mixtures…

what emma did



I┬áhad the loveliest evening and learnt lots about the correct use of blenders and all the different types of smoothies you can create, which incorporates your 5 a day into your daily diet. I don’t really like vegetables too much, therefore I have to kind of ‘hide’ them in my food, working out a way to mix them in with something else so I can’t taste them as much. Therefore, blending together smoothies is perfect for me! When I got home, I started to try and mock up some smoothies using inspiration from the evening using my new Nutri Ninja blender. Of course, I threw in some green vegetables and added them to a little bit of fruit, which gave me a bright green version. Well they do say you should eat your greens! In my case, I’m drinking them… (I do usually drink smoothies from a glass, but this particular morning I felt a mug was quite acceptable!)


This was created using the following:
x1 Banana
x1 Avocado
Handful of Spinach leaves
Handful of Kale leaves
1 cup of Almond Milk

If you are looking for a way to work in those vital nutrients to your daily diet, perhaps a blender is the way forward for you? It certainly helps me, as I don’t always feel like chomping away on apples or carrots or other healthy foods most days. Do feel free to share with me your favorite smoothie recipes too if you are already a smoothie fanatic?

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