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Christmas Day 2016 has just passed by, and what a lovely one it was. Although I’m not one of those who gets overly giddy and excited during the run up to Christmas, I get all happy about the possibility of a ‘break’ and to have much needed family time. I don’t spend nearly enough time with them all throughout the year, so the thought of having a few days and evenings just catching up and being in each others company to me is just utter bliss….

This year I turned 30, and I don’t know if this big landmark age has anything to do with it or not, but I realised that this year I become much more grateful. Grateful for everything – the good, the bad, the ‘life’, and all that in-between. I asked for no presents this year, which is definitely a first for me. And not because I’m greedy usually, but just because I genuinely didn’t want or need anything materialistic. I wanted to spend time with my family, see my friends, speak to my friends properly via non-rushed Whatsapp messages, rest my tired body in bed, eat good food (and bad food), appreciate my relationship, sleep in, sit on my parents sofa, and stay indoors!

I feel I’ve reach that stage in life where from now on, Christmas is more about appreciating my life, looking after my health, and being grateful for the things I have in my life. Even the things that cause me stress and problems – I guess they are there for a reason!

One of the main joys for me this year was to spend another Christmas Day morning, waking up in my childhood bedroom in my Mums oversized pj’s, surrounded by old teddies, and being healthy, able and rich in family and friends. Those things aren’t always going to last forever, and I dread the day they aren’t…

As you can see from the photos, spending quality time with my twin sister, my baby niece and Mum is one of the biggest joys of my Christmas Day. I can eat all the turkey, potatoes, mince pies and cakes in the world that day, and it wouldn’t fulfill me as much as precious family time.

So, I know what some of you are thinking. I didn’t ask for presents, but did I still get spoilt? And yes, I did, without even asking or requesting to, which again makes me overly grateful and amazed at how fantastic my family and loved ones really are. I also spoilt my favourite people too this year, and here’s a few things I dug deep for and made gifting worth it…

OK, I’ve posed a photo of my Sisters adorable Bichon Frise dog on here, which wasn’t a gift. But instead of all the designer labels, the fancy fragrances and envelopes of cash (when we’re really lucky), the gift of a dog would be absolutely incredible. I really want to get a dog for my boyfriend so we can have one together, ideally a long haired Chihuahua in which his parents have. A gorgeous, adorable and lovable dog makes a new gift of life at Christmas, much more beneficial to me than a shiny new pair of shoes.

I didn’t manage to buy this or receive this over Christmas, but next year, it’s got to be on the cards…

The one gift I did gift which can mean spending larger amounts of money was on precious jewellery, and this year for my Mum. Sometimes, when someone is really difficult to buy for, jewellery actually fits the gap for all those present needs. It symbolises love, it’s a keepsake, it’s precious and it tells a story. It relates to the person who gifted it, and it can even act as a heirloom. Diamonds are particularly amazing for this, as nothing quite says special like diamonds for life. Although I ask for nothing materialistic in future for Christmas, to receive diamonds – ideally from Purely Diamonds as they allow you to design your own ring¬†– would be a dream come true. Especially in the form of a ring…. but that’s another conversation altogether! Hey, a girl can dream…

My twin sister also treated me this year to a make-over at the Charlotte Tilbury counter at Selfridges in Manchester’s Trafford Centre, with ¬£20 redeemable against any product. OK so it’s a material gift, but for 2017 I’m going to try and work more on my make-up artist skills (I fully trained a few years ago but struggle to fit it in). So this makeover session can technically act as a booster lesson for me by one of the brands professionals (because lets face it, this brand is amazing!), and I get to purchase a product too, winner!

I’ll be sure to post a blog all about the makeover, and my thoughts on the brand and their products. It’s kind of a brand I love so much due to the fact I own two lipsticks from them and drool over their amazing looks and products via Instagram. So we’ll see!

Happy Boxing Day one and all. Remember to be grateful, and I’ll leave you with a quote that really warmed my heart on Christmas Day, and had to re-post on my instagram account.

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