Lifestyle: A Day At Hawkstone Park Follies Adventure

If you love the great outdoors, then there’s a beauty spot situated in Shropshire that you just have to discover…

Hawkstone Follies National Park was introduced to me by my boyfriend, Martin, who had been before and knew I would love it for it’s peaceful walks, stunning views and quiet atmosphere. We’re both pretty keen walkers, and love to travel around the Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire areas to find the best walking routes, which are also picturesque.

So in a nutshell, what exactly is The Follies? Hawkstone Park Follies is pretty much a fantasy land of cliffs, crags, caves, deep woods and a series of extraordinary monuments built more than 200 years ago. After years of neglect, the magical landscape was lovingly restored and reopened in 1993.

There is a fee of £8 per adult for entrance, which is totally worth it when you take into account the full walk around the entire Hawkstone Follies Park can take around 4 hours (there and back). But if you visit on a beautiful day, you can take various sidetracks and other routes, plus enjoy the views from the many benches and gardens, making a full day of it…

When you arrive, you get given a map of the huuuuuuge park, and also have the option to purchase a torch, because believe me, there are so many caves and dungeon style hideouts which make visibility crazy.

There are also lots and lots of look-out points, as well as iconic historic monuments, like a really narrow high up bridge, towers, little old huts, tunnels and stone archways.

You could actually get lost here!

If you’re a keen walker, or a member of the National Trust and want to visit one of Shropshire’s beauty spots, or just want to head out to a real lovely place filled with breathtaking views and challenging walks (because there are strenuous walks here!) – you ought to give this place a visit.

I’ve enjoyed two full days here (one recently, and one last year) and I’m so eager to head back. If you don’t believe me, take a watch of my latest vlog below to see for yourself!

Hint: Skip the video up until 20 minutes in for a look around Hawkstone Park Follies…

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