Lifestyle: A Corkys Glitter Weekend in Liverpool

I don’t know if it’s because the party season is drawing near, or if there has just been so many different celebrations arising lately, but I’m overly enjoying playing the role of party hostess lately. Organising get togethers, creating some play lists, mixing up some cocktails and laying out the best food and drink spread- I’m literally on it this month!

My recent fun weekend involved a handful of girls, Liverpool city center, a super stylish apartment, flavoured popcorn, a killer R&B playlist (hey don’t judge me, ha ha!) glitter tubs, a bright polaroid camera, fizz, and a handful of Corkys Schnapps Glitter drinks. I know, I know… what a good line up right?

Basically, I wanted to bring a little sparkle to the weekend and add that extra bit of pizazz to the Saturday evening. When I discovered Corkys latest flavours – Blueberry Glitter, Mango Glitter and Raspberry Glitter – I realised these could be the perfect drinks to used to create some rather interesting cocktail concoctions! The glittery liquids give cocktails that extra boost of sparkle and shimmer than our usual bog-standard cocktails are missing.

So I brought along with me a little help from Corky’s, in the form of some fantastic ideas for Glitter Cocktails. My favourite girly version had to be creating a delicious Flowerberry Martini, using the Raspberry Glitter Corky’s, a splash of vodka, topped with Sparkling Elderflower.

However, I have to say the ultimate cocktail which went down an absolute treat and was sooooo simple to create was my own little version – a Raspberry Glitter Fizz and Mango Glitter Fizz!

I filled a quarter of the glass with Corky’s Raspberry (and Mango for the Mango version), topped up to three quarters full with Prosecco, then added a splash of soda water. So classy and tasty because pretty much most of my girly party LOVED Prosecco, so this gave our fave drink a cheeky twist!

As we started to play our various hen party games (sorry I actually forgot to share that the purpose of the girly weekend in Liverpool was purely due to it being a Hen Party weekend!) I made sure everyone had a glittering glass on Raspberry or Mango Glitter Fizz in their hands, before taking part in the fun games.

Having a bold and bright Polaroid camera to hand was actually my ultimate accessory for the girls weekend. I had it firmly in my hand throughout the entire evening, from apartment to bar, snapping away at all the precious moments. All the laughs, games, poses, and random action shots were captured, with the bonus of keeping that little coloured photograph immediately after!

I really do recommend arming yourself with a Polaroid for a fun filled girly weekend. Everyone will no doubt have their phones to hand, taking boomerangs, videos, Insta Stories, photos and all sorts, but who actually brings a mechanism for photos to keep these days? And the fact Polaroid photos can come out pretty small these days means you can just keep these in your purses, or even better – use them for games!

I also enjoyed a rather delicious bottle of Corky’s Schnapps Blueberry Glitter, which tasted insanely good when muddled with the Raspberry Glitter and topped with lemonade. However, I enjoyed this a little too much at the pre-party the evening before, leaving just the Raspberry and the Mango for the gang to experiment with.

Why not use these glittery, delicously flavoured drinks to form a themed party of your own? For example, for a boys party (boyfriend, wetting the babies head with the girls after your friend has had a baby boy, etc etc) you could make Blueberry Glitter cocktails, serving up blueberry cheesecake, blueberry to muddle in the drinks, and nibble on blue macaroons. That’s just one idea to get you started – just think of all the alternatives you could do with the Raspberry Glitter theme!

Which would be your flavour of choice? Raspberry, Mango or Blueberry? I know I made up my own Prosecco mixed cocktail idea earlier up in the blog post, but for a full list of carefully put together ideas by the lovely team at Corky’s, you can get some inspiration here.

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