Lifestyle: 6 Things I Love About Thailand

I can’t believe its been about 6 months since I visited Thailand! Where did the time go?

Now that the travel blues have officially set in (although I’m looking for other holiday and travel ideas to try pull me out of this dark place and fill the travel hole with something new!) I’m reminiscing on what makes Thailand an actual gem of a place to visit.

Are you thinking of travelling Thailand or it’s Islands anytime soon? Or, do you have a trip booked but have no idea what to expect?

Here is 6 things I loved dearly about the place and why I rate it so high:

Sweet Treats Everywhere

I knew I was going to appreciate the copious amounts of Thai food everywhere, but I didn’t expect there to be so much sweet treat temptation. But I loved it.

From Nutella Pancakes on every street corner, to iced lattes filled with caramel and topped with sweet, creamy Carnation milk, I had no idea I’d be coming home buzzing from sugar. They also offer mango and sticky rice everywhere too, but I class that as a healthier sweet treat – am I right?…

Massages On Tap

Whilst I only spent 7 nights in Thailand, I probably had 7 massages. Ha – you think I’m kidding? Massages are so affordable over there and the Thai way of life promotes massages as a health and well-being essential, not an indulgent treat like we do in the UK.

From full body to feet, I opted for one everyday. And it’s made me want to do the same now I’m back home. You don’t have to invest in spa trips or visits to the salon for these kind of ‘luxuries’.

The Best Beaches

I’d heard that Patong, where I was based for the week, was home to some of the best beaches in Phuket, and possibly Thailand as a whole. I couldn’t disagree- the beaches were incredible.

However, the beaches I also explored across Phi Phi and James Bond Phang Nga Bay were also breathtaking. They say places like Krabbi also have beautiful beaches too… so many more to explore!

Island Hoping Made Easy

At first, I was confused about how easy it seemed that everyone went Island hopping, and just for day trips too. But after my 2nd or 3rd day, I realised it is literally the norm.

The streets are filled with trip booking kiosks, in which you can book a boat trip (either slow boat or speed boat) to all the surrounding islands. They are more than affordable, and you can always haggle down too. They can include more than one island and throw in lunch too.

Thailand is a place to exploring and discovering, so make sure you book in to see as many islands as possible.

Cheap Internal Flights

The only way I travelled around in Thailand was via boats, as I stayed around the Phuket end. However, the rest of my party had internal flights booked to take them to places like Chang Mai and Pai, and I couldn’t believe how affordable they were.

If you want to travel around Thailand and sight see everywhere, it isn’t going to cost you a great deal. Your most expensive flight will be the one from the UK (or further afield).

Stunning Photo Backdrops

If you’re a blogger or Instagram fanatic, then let me tell you this: you won’t find a more Insta-worthy place to take your #OOTD’s! From palm tree lined beaches to stunning sunsets, Thailand offers the loveliest of backdrops for your photos.

I came home armed with a bank of images to use on my social media that looked so professional just down to the gorgeous views and scenery. So if you’re heading over there, bear this in mind and plan in some photo opportunities!

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