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So Valentines Day is fast approaching, and no doubt there are a few of you out there that use this romance-indulgent day to feel crappy about yourselves. Analysing failed relationships, useless dates and a lack of good luck is quite common around the 14th February, so I wanted to use this excuse to put a post together to share to you girls why you should really use this occasion to love your life. Don’t be moping around; Valentines Day can be a celebration of loving your family, friends and yourself as well as partners. I’ve recently launched a range of super girly dresses over at my boutique, and as I was going through the photoshoots this morning, I felt a sense of happiness about how lucky us girls are to be able to dress up and take control of our lives – we can wear pretty clothes, we can embrace our inner femininity and in general, we can feel damn good about ourselves by doing the littlest of things.

However, too many of you out there don’t feel empowered by the little girly things you can do, so here are 10 reasons to love your life on the approach to Valentines Day. Why not share with a girlfriend whose feeling fairly lousy this February?

what emma did

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1. Dress yourself up
Nothing perks us up more than getting our hands on beautiful new clothes – especially pretty dresses. Finding an excuse to doll yourself up and pop on a cute little dress is priceless, and us girls are expected to love doing this. So follow the expectations! Take yourself shopping, treat yourself to some stylish new outfits, and plan a night out to some classy bars with your favourite friends. There’s no point in saving something for ‘that special occasion’, as you’ll often find it never arrives. So whip out that fab new frock and show off your shape, girl! (if you need some inspiration, I’ll shamelessly plug my latest dress collection that’s available on ASOS Marketplace!)

2. Make an amazing meal for one
What could be more enjoyable about cooking to your own tastes and preferences, and not having to give two hoots about anyone elses choices? Clear out the Friday before Valentines Day, and dedicate the evening to cooking your own favourite meal, personalising it to just how you like it. And obviously, don’t forget to bake yummiest slice of cake for dessert and enjoy your ideal meal with a sweet treat to finish. I find so much pleasure in cooking up a three course for myself or for a close friend, and making it exactly to my requirements. Plus, this Valentines Day, no meal is complete without a bottle of vino! I opt for Rioja every time, and this Valentines Day I’ll be buying in a bottle of my favourite ‘Bodegas Las Orcas’ Riojca from Roberson Wine. I think I’ll be cooking up an Italian this year…

3. Believe you are beautiful
Whether you think so right now or not, you are beautiful, and it’s time to start believing it. Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget to do things that make ourselves feel good- getting our hair and nails done, putting on fake tan, going for a facial, plucking our eyesbrows, or just making an effort with make-up. Being beautiful isn’t all about our looks, but it certainly helps us feel that little more confident when we make the effort to pamper ourselves, to enhance our natural beauty. Make time to be your best self, and let your gorgeous personality shine through with confidence, and believe you are truly beautiful.

4. Indulge in your own favourites
Plan some ‘me’ time this weekend and indulge in your favourite box set series, wearing your favourite pyjamas, drinking your favourite hot drink, using your favourite crockery. Think about your favourite everything and use it all – remember what I said about saving things for special occasions? Today is a special occasion. You’ll never get this day again, so be selfish and spoil yourself with your personal favourites.

5. Learn something new
So six weeks into the new year, and you’ve already slipped out of your motivational mind frame. Well here is another excuse to get back into it! No matter how old you are, you can always learn something new. Try learning a new language that may come in handy in your career,  or take up learning an instrument on the weekends. The happiness you feel accomplishing something new will be another great reason to love your life. Also try to focus on the skills and abilities you have that not many of your friends have, and let these shine. Are you an arty drawer, a talented singer, or just a real speedy runner on the treadmill? Whatever your strengths, play on them.

6. Appreciate your health
If you are 100% healthy as you are reading this, then congrats, you have another huge reason to love your life. Your health can play havoc at any time (depressing but true) so appreciate the way your body is right now. There are so many people who suffer from all sorts of problems that you may not be aware of, or conditions that affect their daily lives. Embrace your current health situation, and be grateful.

7. Have life events to look forward to
There’s nothing worse than wallowing in self pity. If you’re a single lady this upcoming Valentines Day, just sit back and dream about how many amazing life events you possibly have in front of you. You are still to meet Mr Right, you are still destined to have that perfect wedding day, and you are free to be as ‘free’ as you like, so to speak. And, it’s not just love related events you have to look forward to. Who knows what exciting things your life holds in front of you associated to careers, friends, and adventures?

8. Create power playlists
One thing I love creating every now and again is little playlists on my iTunes that are completely tailored to myself, packed with ‘feel good’ songs. If you regularly go to the gym, go for walks, take on activities, commute to work, or just enjoy some alone time in general, make sure you have a powerful playlist to empower you on a daily basis. Fill it with songs that really lift your mood and inspire you.

9. Plan solo trips
There’s a big wide world out there, and you don’t have to be in a relationship or settled with a partner to go an explore it. It’s your life, and you have the freedom to explore the countries you want to see. Pick up some brochures and spend an evening making wish lists of places to visit. Then, when you are ready, make plans to book them. The world is enormous – don’t waste your time holding yourself back from seeing the places you really want to see. If you are worried about travelling solo, then look into solo travelling packages, or accommodation which really encourages lone travellers.

10. Have a clear out
So January was the month for making new ‘life’ resolutions. But instead of sitting there picking out new things to try, and thinking of old habits to break, did any of you try the simple task of just de-cluttering your life and having a huge clear out? Let your wardrobe reflect the calm, worry free life you want to create, and invest time over the weekend to throw out the old, and add a few new finds! Sometimes, old clothes reflect bad memories, so think logically when clearing out. Perhaps that stunning evening dress you wore to various events with your ex really does need to go on eBay now?

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