The Kit Has Arrived…

Well they say with every new year comes new ‘motifs’, so I figured 2012 shouldn’t be any different! I decided in January that 2012 is going to be my year for ‘doing’ – you know when you constantly say to people that you want to do this, want to do that, want to go there, would like to take up this… and just never do it? Well anything I’ve always mumbled on about over the years but still not ‘found the time’ to do is just rubbish! None of that!

One of the things I’ve said every year since being 16 (I am now 25!) is that I am going to learn make-up artistery. I am obsessed with make-up, I have every product a million times over in every shade under the sun, so why I am not trained and qualified ‘on paper’ in this day and age is a mystery. I’m creative and have always worked in the fashion and beauty industry, so I’m sure I would be able to get the ‘knack’ of it! 

So now I have started learning it, and I decide that I will probably diary my progress on the blog. When my professional kit arrived yesterday I got so excited, take a look at some of it’s contents…

It’s not something I want to do as a career as such, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer to do your friends bridal make-up, or for any special occassions like parties and events? Something new to add to the CV!

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