Keeping Your House Clean and Tidy in 2020: Habits To Get Into

No matter what home you live in, an apartment, country cottage, terrace or semi, there is no better feeling that having a tidy and clean home. There is literally nothing worse than having a messy home that keeps getting messier by the day. The messier/dirtier it gets, the more draining it feels to work on it.

To avoid having this problem, there are some actions that you can take to ensure you can always keep your home tidy, which includes keeping on top of your housework. I mean, cleaning and tidying isn’t a fun job, but if there are certain ways you can be spurred on when it comes to wanting to keep on top of your home, it’s better to learn them!

If you are looking for tips on how to keep your home clean and tidy in 2020, you have come to the right place. Below, we will discuss some of the different ways that you can keep your home clean and tidy.

Keep on Top of Your Housework

The first step to keeping a clean and tidy house in 2020 is by making sure that you keep on top of your housework. If you do a small amount of cleaning each day, it means that you will be able to keep your home clean without having to do too much at the one time. The longer that you leave your housework, the more work you will give yourself to do and the more time it will take you to complete.

It’s easy to slip into the habit of addressing the washing up at 9pm at night, when all your day jobs, eating and drinking have been done. But the horror that awaits at the kitchen sink will be enough to majorly put yourself off.

Tell yourself to do the washing up at lunch time, and then straight after you have had your evening meal. The same can be done for rooms like the bathroom: ensure you clean down the shower and wipe down the sides etc when you’ve immediately gotten out of having a shower or bath.

Make Sure Others Contribute

The next way that you can keep a clean and tidy house in 2020 is to make sure that you get others around the house to help you out. When it falls on just one person to be responsible, it can be a real draining task.

Why not see which tasks get done quicker and better by seeing who enjoys/is best at certain jobs? It might be that the hoovering and dusting is left to one person, and the washing up/mopping floors/dishwasher left to another.

If you share out the housework that needs to be done, it can help you a lot and this is because it will give you the chance to get more things done without having to do it all yourself. If you have young children, this is a perfect way for you to give them pocket money as it means that they will be able to do their bit to clean up around the house and get some money as a reward.

Purchase the Right Cleaning Products

Another way that you can keep your home clean and tidy in 2020 is by making sure that you purchase the right cleaning products for your home and, make sure you stock up often. There are actually some fabulous hoovers and window cleaning machines that make cleaning a little more fun these days! They are quite pricey, but might be worth investing if you want to start enjoying the tasks.

Also, with the right cleaning products, you can get the job done properly, without having to go back to do the job soon after.

Look at products you can use for multi tasks too, like Zoflora. It can be used to freshen up bog brushes, drains, cleaning surfaces and lightly spritzed around the home as an air freshener (just dilate with lots and lots of water!)

Look for Storage Options

If you have a lot of items in your home that you don’t necessarily need but you also don’t want to throw out then, you should make sure that you have a look for some storage options. You can get some really stylish stacking cupboard and shelves which hide away all the mess, yet give your home that chic touch.

Having storage space is a great way for you to clear some space in your home, tidying away anything that looked abit visually ‘meh’, and to boost the overall tidy and clean look. While you are looking for storage, ask yourself if you need anything to tidy away unsightly wires and cables, too.

Clever storage units are perfect for you if you don’t have a garage or if you just don’t have enough space in your home to keep all of the things that you own. Look at under the bed storage, or ones that can be hung up in wardrobes too. You’ll be super organised if you get the right ones!

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep a clean and tidy house in 2020, you should make sure to try out some of the tips that we have given you above. Of course, everyone’s house is different and it might be that you live on your own, and some of the tips above don’t apply.

If you can, the best tip is to try and stick to cleaning schedules, getting in the habit of addressing tasks as they arise, considering storage options, keeping your cleaning products stocked up and working in ways to enjoy it.

When you start to get in the habit and your home becomes more organised, you’ll find it becomes something to want to do. You will be proud of your home and make it a priority step to clean and tidy to keep it looking beautiful!

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