Josh Wood Icy Blonde Shade Shot Gloss Review

Throughout lockdown, I’ve been rocking fine, limp, grown out blonde balayage hair. The middle and ends of my hair have slowly transitioned from silky, cool toned blonde shades to warm, brassy block blonde.

The saving grace here has always been purple shampoo and conditioner. I rave about them, but only the good quality ones. I’ve used some mediocre ones in my time, and then some absolute fabulous ones (like the Fudge purple shampoo I reviewed here).

However, I’d seen a few people on social media discussing the wonders of Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss hair masks, and I was slightly intrigued. I was always scared of using anything at home that resembled a toner, but when I finally got my hands on the Icy Blonde shade shot, I realised it’s kinda similar to using an intense hair mask. It just works deeply to colour revive and condition, removing brassy tones and casting that icy white blonde tint to hair that has started to resemble an orange mess. Like mine.

The two hair photos above are the before, just so you’re aware. The after photo is currently sat below this passage.

A few things to note: this gloss is a semi-permanent colour formula that will take your hair colour back to what it was intended to be at the hairdressers. So if you went for a cooler, cleaner blonde instead of a caramel and honey combination, it’s a good idea to give this mask a go. Another thing to note is that Icy Blonde simply removes the warm tones, but doesn’t make your hair look more brighter or sun-kissed. If a deeper blonde is what you’re after, perhaps asses the Josh Wood Champagne shot.

The beauty of Icy Blonde is that it’s going ti take your blonde hair back to that clean, cool colour without the warm tones. It also replaces oils and adds moisture, without sacrificing body and movement. You leave it on for up to 20 minutes, and you’ve got that icy crisp finish to your blonde locks.

Now I’ve only washed my hair twice since using this, and as it is said to last up to around 6 washes, I can;t quite comment on that part yet. But after my two washes, my hair is still that ashy toned blonde over the brassy blonde it was last week. Well done Josh Wood – a must-have for those warm blondes while we can’t get to the salons.

You can check the product out further here.

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