Is Tinggly The Most Unique and Thoughtful Christmas Gift for 2018?

You’ll notice that there are now going to be lots of Christmas gift recommendations and guides popping up on What Emma Did. After all, some people are just SO hard to buy for, everyone benefits from discovering gifts they haven’t quite thought of before.

Today’s post is bringing us back to the idea of non materialistic gifts. Stepping away from the whole jewellery, fragrance, clothing side of things, studies have proved that people who spend money on actual experiences instead of things are much happier than those who don’t.

I totally get it. I’m happier going for a meal out, a trip away for the weekend, or exploring an activity than I am slipping on a new dress. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE new dresses (as those who follow me on Instagram will know). However, the memory fades, yet those of experiences rarely do.

With Tinggly, it is a brand with a difference that launched in 2014. They now make it possible and super easy to give the ultimate travel gift to your family and friends (and even to yourself if you wanted). In a world where everyone is slowly coming around to the joys of ‘wanderlust’, Tinggly is here for the ultimate travel gift!

Tinggly makes gift-giving SO easy. As a brand, they aim to continually scour the globe in order to find the best and unique

It’s best to head over to Tinggly and check it out for yourself as there is copious amounts to explore and discover. But of course, I’ll share why I’m so happy to have found it. It offers tonnes of experiences around the world to choose from, and they constantly add new ones every day. So if you don’t quite see anything perfect this month, be sure to look back in December.

Tinggly make it accessible to give the gift of a travel experience wrapped in a box. You have the option to send your gift through email post, and if you pick by post, it will be shipped worldwide. The Tinggly gift box will remain valid for 2 years, so you or your giftee can take a fair bit of time in determining the best experience to take.

So lets summarise this fab gift idea:

  • For just one price, there are hundreds of experiences: One gift buys you an entire collection of experiences for your loved one to choose from.
  • You can select pretty much anywhere in the world: The experiences are available in around 100 countries across the globe.
  • The trips have 5 years validity: Recipients have 5 years to book their dream experience, so they have plenty of time to plan their adventure.
  • Special Delivery: At Tinggly you can send your gift in a numbers of ways: email (instantly!), DHL worldwide delivery (2 business days), or print it out and give it them in person

They currently have a Merry Christmas gift choice, which allows all sorts of travel experiences to be gifted for £89. Some of these consist of Extreme Water Rafting in England, The Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure in Devon, Ultimate 4D Experience at The London Eye for Two, and a Breathtaking Beach Ride in the UK too.

Going further a field, if you know someone venturing across the globe next year, they offer Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise for Two, Taste The Big Apple Experience in the USA, and Half Day Canyon Jump in Mexico.

Getting the thrills yet?

Check out Tinggly for much more inspiration!

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