Is The Tannco Bed Sheet Protector The Answer To Most Girls Problems?

I’m literally super excited as I’m typing this. I’m a huge fan of tanning (as most of you will probably know from my reviews) but of all the types of false tanning, I’m a gradual tan girl.

I tend to leave my gradual tan application to the evening, right before bed when I’ve had a shower. I stick on my tanning mitt and lather myself with gradual tan body lotion while my hair air dries a little.

It’s possibly one of my favourite bits of ‘me time’ I give to myself. I’ll usually have a green tea on the go (rock and roll), then it’s PJ time, and then bed. If we’re talking a Thurs-Sat night though, then switch up the green tea for a red wine…

When I snuggle into my bed after tanning, I can’t help but worry about the false tan slowly rubbing off onto the bed sheets, and gradually developing. I mean, it depends how long I leave it, but even when I’ve waited an hour before getting under my duvet, I still notice lightly tanned streaky sheets in the morning.

So much so it makes me actually dread tanning in the evening. But as I like my gradual tan to develop during the night so that I’m lightly bronzed in the morning, there was never really much I could do.

But then…. last month I heard about an exciting new brand. Tannco have launched the first UK-based self-tanning bed sheet protector. At last, a brand who understand the epic fails surrounding trying to pull off a false tan, making the self-tanning experience a little bit easier.

I managed to get my hands on the Black Tannco Sheet – a 100% Habutai Art Silk, vegan-friendly bedding sheet in black which works to protect your sheets. So while my tan develops overnight, it doesn’t have to start developing all over my cream bed sheets, too.

Because it is made with Habutai Art Silk, the sheet gives a very luxurious finish, so it feels reeeeally nice sleeping above and underneath it (I literally just snuggle between the black sheets). The silk finish is actually super nice while we’ve got warmer nights at the moment too!

I’m literally finding this product to be such a revelation for me, and can’t understand why I’ve never tried to find one of these before, or why no one else in the UK has launched one!

The bed sheet costs £34.99 and also comes in a silver version too. The silver one would actually go with my grey and cream bedding really well, but there is just something about sleeping on the silky black version that makes me feel safer. I mean, you’re never going to see any tell-tale tan streaks show up on this!

I know I’ve said it earlier on in this post, but I’m genuinely so impressed with this launch. It’s literally the missing item to the beauty and tanning world – I see big things for this brand.

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