Is The Alvve Rapid Renewal Day Mask The Best of The Best?

So I’ve been trying out a new face mask, which I felt deserved it’s own blog post, rather than me slotting it into one of my beauty gift guides. The reason being is that I think I may have found the creme de la creme of face masks. I know, right? I review a lot of beauty products which I’m eternally grateful to be able to do. But once in a while, a produce really stands out.

And this time around, its The Alvvé Rapid Renewal Day Mask.

As you can tell from my photos I had 3 sachets to try, although when you purchase you get 6. So I’ve managed to use this on three occasions. I do find you can effectively give a truthful and honest review after two or three applications of a product, especially face masks.

So, lets explore it…


What is the Alvve Rapid Renewal Day Mask?

This face mask is designed for comfort, making use of patented nanotechnology to refine the skin’s appearance. The Rapid Renewal Day Mask provides dramatic results in only 15 minutes, where it works to lift the skin and significantly decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Think of it as a super charged lifting face mask which works to tighten any saggy skin, refine the features, whilst blurring out any fine lines and wrinkle.

It works pretty much immediately, which is why it is so popular. The mask produces a unique skin lifting effect that results in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in merely minutes, but they say 15 as everyone reacts differently.

How does it work?

1. Once applied, the mask anchors itself to different compounds on the skin. Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic particles form a 2-D network matrix of long filaments.

2. Water evaporates and as a result the mask contracts and the filaments are anchored to the skin and the wrinkle furrows

3. The attraction between the filaments creates a substantial contraction and the network mechanically ‘pulls out’ the wrinkles, drawing the skin taut.

4. Aqueous liquid penetrates into skin through osmosis causing structure to swell, giving a firm, plumped effect as well as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

As well as it’s magical lifting mechanism, it also rejuvenates the skin, improving cellular respiration as well as blood, lymph and interstitial liquid flow. One of the things about it I personally love is that it acts as a brilliant cleanser and exfoliator too, removing plaque of dead cells that contribute to depth and shape of deep wrinkles.

How did I find it?

After my third sachet, I felt confident enough to say I love this mask. I have fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and very dry, dull looking skin. I simply make sure I apply this when my face is damp, and activate rhe particles in the mask by rubbing the sachet for few seconds prior to opening.

Then, I apply a thin layer, let it sink in for 10-15 minutes, and rinse off.

My first observations are the smoothness and clarity of my skin, like it has been deep cleansed. A little like the feeling after microdermabrasion (but not as intense). My complexion appears more ‘taunt’, like a mini tightening face lift has taken place, with lines looking less harsh.

I also feel glowy, like super fresh and bright.

It is on the pricier side, with a box of 6 masks costing £69, but if you want to invest in your skincare and get those fast acting results, this one is MEGA!


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