How to Style Your Favorite Pair of Ankle Boots

Don’t shy away from the ankle boot trend, especially when there are so many different choices available on the market nowadays. You can definitely elevate and build your outfits around these booties without feeling like your ankles or feet look too chunky or that their length cuts off your legs unflatteringly. After all, it’s all about how you style these.

Wear them with jeans and leggings

As you can probably guess, ankle boots look their best when you wear them with really tight jeans. This look effectively elongates your legs. However, if your jeans are too long to fit right in your booties, you can roll up the hem or cuff them for a more layered and casual look. Of course, you can always get yourself some cropped pants/jeans if you really like the trend. And in case you like the tucked look, you can’t go wrong with tight leggings.

Leggings are especially effective as a layering piece when paired with tunics, longer sweaters, skirts, shorts and maybe even dresses, which matches the ankle boots vibe perfectly.

Make the most out of tights and socks

If you want to look a bit dressier, you can take your favorite pair of gorgeous women’s boots up a notch and mix things up with socks of different length. For starters, you can create a monochromatic look with tights that match the color of your booties and skirt/shorts. On the other hand, you can make your outfit more unique and creative with colored tights and even patterned ones.

Furthermore, it’s possible to make things even more interesting (and balanced) by pairing shorter socks with your booties and pulling them down a bit. You can tuck your leggings in these socks or wear them with tights; either way, the end result looks absolutely amazing and seriously cute. For an early fall look, you can wear short socks with skirts and show off your bare legs, too.

Show off your booties with skirts, dresses and shorts

The best thing about ankle boots is that they’re perfect for fall and very easy to pair with various outfits. Thanks to the layering trick, you can also continue wearing your favorite skirts, dresses and shorts deep into the fall and then switch to skirts, dresses and shorts made of thicker and warmer material. In general, the bulk around the ankles matches rather well with the drop of skirts, dresses and shorts and create a rather flattering balance in your outfit.

When skirts and dresses are concerned, pencil cuts work great when paired with ankle boots, but so do A-lines as well. For a more boho look, you might want to try out long flare skirts and dresses.

Match your ankle boots with other accessories

If you’re not planning to create a monochromatic look, you want to add more dimension to your outfit. In that respect, the socks, tights, leggings and/or jeans you opt to wear, and generally, whatever piece will be right next to the booties, should be in a contrasting color.

However, a good contrast only works its magic when there’s a proper balance involved, too. In that respect, you should try to match the color of your ankle boots with other accessories and maybe even the top you’re wearing. Essentially, the easiest way to do this is to match the booties to your bag, scarf, hat and/or gloves.

Use them as an accent piece

Another great way to style your favorite pair of ankle boots, especially those that are really extravagant and out-there, is to use them as an accent piece to give your outfit more oomph and that runway feel. For instance, if your favorite pair of ankle boots features snakeskin all over or leopard print, you want to keep the rest of your outfit minimal, and even completely monochromatic, if possible, so that you can effectively highlight and accentuate the quality and uniqueness of the ankle boots you’re rocking.

Keep in mind that regardless of your preferred style when it comes to footwear and clothes, you should always get only those ankle boots that feel comfortable when you walk in them. After all, ankle boots are not just for show – you’re expected to go around wearing them and run your daily errands.

Luckily, these days you don’t really have to sacrifice comfort for looks or vice versa. In any case, when the weather gets colder, you should always enjoy a pair of booties that are warm and comfy.

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