How To Shop The Right Eyeshadow Palette For You

Unless you’re an expert in makeup or have studied to be a professional makeup artist, it is always challenging to choose the right makeup products based on your skin and tone. Is the colour the right match? Are the undertones correct? It’s even harder when shopping online, too!

Today, we’re talking about eyeshadow palettes. Are you planning to buy an eye shadow palette for yourself? We can assure you that you will be spoilt with choices when selecting the best one for you. Palettes contain a combination of complementing shades, but you’ll find many come in smokey shades, neutrals, warm earth tones, brights…. which one is best to invest? Starting from shimmery colorful eyeshadow palette to the matte nude ones, you will find they all serve different purposes. 

However, we have rounded up a list of the things to consider before you buy an eye shadow palette for your eyelids. We all have different skin tones and different occasions to go to, so hopefully this guide will lend a helping hand!

Things To Consider To Buy The Best Eye shadow Palette

It is not easy to pick from the wide variety of eye shadow palettes available both online and in the department stores, which is why I’m here to help you. If you keep in mind the things mentioned below, it should hopefully make the selection process a little easier.

  • Consider the texture and finish

Have a research first into what texture of eye shadow you want to purchase, such as creamy, matte, glossy etc. There are different types of textures, and if you’re really unsure as to which you prefer, there are some palettes that offer a combination of both. For example, it might contain fresh matte nudes for the day, yet shimmery dark greys and navy shades for the evening – or vice versa. There’s something so lovely and versatile with a light warm brown shimmery brown for all round!

  • Go With What Complements Your Eye Colour

Your eye color should be the base upon what you decide to go with colourwise for the palette. Warm browns, greys and neutrals make blue eyes pop, where as purple, greens and navy tone shades make green eyes stand out.

  • Beginner? Go For A Nude Palette

If you have just begun experimenting with eye shadows, it would be best to go for the most nude and natural shade of eye shadow palette. Nude colors are known for their versatility. The beige, creams, browns and greys go well with any outfitt, and tend to work with all skin tones.

If you can, opt for a neutral nude palette with a couple of more experimental shades.

  • Keep Budget In Mind

This is one of the critical factors to consider. You should always have a budget set before buying an eye shadow palette. Some premium, more luxe brands can have some stunning palettes which come at a rather pricey RRP. However, some of the cheaper ones won’t be worth the £4 they may cost, as the shadows can cake and sit in the creases.

  • No Compromise With Quality

Even if you are on a low budget, you should never compromise with the quality. It is eyes we are talking about, which are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. You need to make sure the ingredients are safe, so avoid buying fakes or copies. You’ll find brands like HUDA and Urban Decay are often copied by cheap brands, which are best to be avoided.


A quality eyeshadow palette is what I like to call an investment item. Go with one that looks lovely from the outside casing, and offers an array of colours that suit your eyes and skin tone, and you’ll get a lot of wear out of. There’s no point buying one where you only use one shade out of the 10 it may offer! Following the tips mentioned above should make it easy as pie! We hope we have been able to help you choose the appropriate eye shadow palette that would suit your skin tone and the occasion you will attend.

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