How to Remove Unpleasant Odours from the Carpet

Everyone wishes to have a home where they can sit and relax in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. However, your efforts to create such a cosy place can be ruined, if your carpet smells of food, dirt or spilled milk, for example. If you have babies, or pets, it could even smell a little like wee – ewww!

In order to remove bad odours from your brand-new carpet, you need to take several actions. The main concern here is to provide sufficient fresh air and to remove dirt, since dirt particles are a common cause of odours. Even new carpets can be contaminated with elements from their manufacture, which could cause odours. Usually in the form of a strong storage smell!

The main source of smells in the home comes from pets, and this is because they go outdoors daily and there is just no way of guaranteeing they can stay away from dirt, germs or other animals waste! It tends to be that you’ll bath your pet, like your dog, and then on their next outing, they’ll roll in animal poo or some other form of waste/earth/puddles – bringing the smell back into your home. You can understand a little more about your dog or other pets in regards to why they do this often over at whydopets – it may help give you more clarification of how it’s hard to avoid.

However, those with pets or without pets, you’ll still be longing for a pleasant, fresh smelling carpet, no matter what your setup. Hopefully the following tips will help you prepare your carpet effectively

Quick Tips

1 . Start by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. The vacuum cleaner can remove any residues from production or delivery that could cause unpleasant smells. Above all, these are smaller particles made of artificial substances that would otherwise be released into the air. Vacuuming also loosens up the fibres a bit, making it easier for carpets to be treated with household carpet cleaning products.

2 . Be sure to open the windows during treatment to get the dirt particles and odours out of the room as quickly as possible. Some home remedies intensify the smell for a while and if the windows are open, it can move out of the room faster. This is particularly recommended for very large carpets, since the odour development is significantly greater.

If the problem with the bad smell is coming from your old carpet, there has to be a specific reason for it. It could be pets’ urine or another spilled liquid. If it is pets’ urine smell, then you should try the following domestic carpet cleaning tip:

How to get rid of animal urine smells

It is best to notice immediately that the animal has urinated on the carpet. Then, it is very likely that the urine will not be stuck in the carpet. As soon as you spot any animal (or childrens) wee or sick, clean it up immediately!

When you spot the wet stain, act quickly and it is best to use kitchen paper to absorb the liquid. After that, you should definitely proceed further to cope with the odour: place a few layers of damp kitchen paper on the stain. Wet paper towels suck the urine out of the carpet better than dry ones! Just like damp rags, it is better to absorb liquids because the fibres have already been loosened by the moisture and can absorb new liquids better. After 10 minutes, remove the paper towels. You can now take measures to ensure that no urine smell remains.

If you have a pet, it is advisable to keep an enzymatic cleaner in your closet. Before use, you must “water” the affected area. Carefully pour small amounts of water in a circle from the outside in. Therefore, the urine cannot spread any further. Then spray the treated area with an enzyme cleaner. Please note the manufacturer’s information on the exposure time. You can get enzyme cleaners from pet stores. This special cleaner specifically combats the smell and thus prevents your dog or cat from feeling animated to urinate again in the same place.

There are also some ways to fight urine odour with simple home remedies, but here the opinions differ. However, it may be worth a try if you do not have a special cleaner on hand.

Baking soda is a well-tried home remedy for neutralizing odours. Mix some baking soda and water, and put it on the stain. After a short exposure time, rub the mass away with a damp sponge. After drying completely, vacuum away the last remaining baking soda.

A second option is to use a water-vinegar mixture to clean the stain. Afterwards, you should completely soak up the liquid with kitchen paper.

Even if you can test such home remedies, we definitely recommend using special enzyme cleaners for urine stains in order to achieve the best possible result! If you have not cleaned your carpet thoroughly for a long time, you have to use professional deep carpet cleaning services.

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended to be used once or twice a year. If you have pets, it is necessary to benefit from carpet cleaning services 3-4 times a year. Steam carpet cleaning is especially helpful as a method for disinfecting the carpet. It is completely safe for your pets, as it does not include the use of any chemical cleaners. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning procedures, especially when you need to fight unpleasant odours, coming from your carpet.

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