How to Organise the Best House Party

Everyone dreams of throwing their own house party at least once in their live time. I mean, house parties are great social events and a perfect excuse to gather all of your favourite people in one place, right?

Since many of us have hectic schedules, fast lives and social media communication which takes over our days, we tend to spend less and less time hanging out with our friends and relatives in person.

So, this is why it’s high time you threw a house party both you and your guests will remember for a long time. It does take a certain amount of effort, time and money, but following these simple steps, you’ll become the party guru among your friends in no time.

Here is how to throw a brilliant house party, stress-free:

1.  Pick the right day

You technically can throw a party any day and any time, but if you seek to have favorable weather, enough guests, and avoid party-poop mood, think twice before picking the day. Aim for a weekend, ideally Friday or Saturday, when your invitees don’t have to get up early for school or work, and are in dire need for some fun at the end of the tiring week.

And depending on whether you’re using your backyard or balcony, check the forecast and have a backup plan in case of sudden rain.

2.  Invitations

You’re probably sick of the envelope-a-thon type of invitations after a myriad of formal events such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc. You’re in luck, because the world is sick of them as well.

Evites are totally acceptable, and preferable. You should send them out a month or at least a couple of weeks in advance, using a service like Paperless post, which allows you to make invitations personalized and lovely, and helps you track your guest list and RSVPs. You may also want to send reminders a few days before the party, just in case it slipped someone’s mind.

3. Food and drinks

Food is why people come to house parties, and drinks are why they stay longer – so you naturally want these components to be amazing. Testing new recipes and experimenting with cocktails might be risky and not the best idea for a party. Instead, turn to event catering services and avoid the long and stressful process of preparing food, tasting it beforehand and timing the cooking just right.

When it comes to drinks and cocktails, stick to common sodas and in addition to a safe alcohol choice like red wine, spice things up with some fancy home-made cocktails (that you have mixed and tried many times before).

4. Put together the perfect music playlist

Perhaps the most important feature of any party is music. If you already don’t have one, go get a portable speaker, which will allow you to move music from one room to another with no hassle.

Before putting together your party playlist, take your guest list into consideration – after all, you’re not throwing the party for yourself. If there are considerable differences in your guests’ background (read age), think about making a couple of playlists.

5. Keep the lighting flattering

An overhead light fixture is distracting, so bright that it gives a supermarket vibe and is definitely not flattering. Instead, turn on a few lamps and have them on dimmers. For a special effect and depending on the theme of your party, you can light candles or cover the lamps with red or blue pashminas to add a hint of the exotic and the mysterious in your own home.

This will create a warm and welcoming ambient. Additionally, colored lighting will add a cool effect to all of your party photos.

Hosting a party is not an easy task, but it’s rewarding. You reconnect with some old friends, fill your home with good vibes, and both you and your guests have a blast. It may seem overwhelming, but with the tips we shared above, a little help from your best friends, and your party mood, you’ll throw the best party ever.

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