How To Make Sure Your Wedding Morning Runs Smoothly

Planning a wedding can take months or years of full on preparation. Many of us have dreamt about our wedding day from a very young age, but it isn’t always a fairy tale, and sometimes things can get in our way that makes the whole process a little more stressful. Especially any weddings that were meant to take place in 2020, and as a bridal makeup artist, I can vouch for how bizarre this year has been (I’m now a 2022 bride instead of a 2021 bride too!).

But when we finally get to the morning of our big day, what can we do to ensure that it runs smoothly and that we don’t end up having a bad start to the day?

Prepare Self Care In Advance

There are certain things that we do to ensure that our appearance on our wedding day is the best it can be. Most brides spend a good amount of time and money before a wedding ensuring that there is not a stray hair to be found, that their teeth are sparkling white, and that we are looking healthy. Making sure that your hair is the colour that you want, and that you don’t have one eyebrow bigger than the other, means that you will feel extra confident on the day. When it comes to your overall appearance on your wedding day booking your make up artist in advance is also essential.

Finding the make-up artist for you if you don’t already have one, is going to take the pressure off and ensure that you’re looking your very best on the big day.

In addition to this, there are many small details you can prepare for in advance of your wedding morning, and many brides choose  teeth whitening to ensure they get a smile that glows as much as they do. The Crest Whitestrips by EuroWhite are a popular option as they are a very effective option for teeth whitening. Whether you are just looking for a little boost of whiteness, or have some stains that you would like to remove before your wedding day, these whitening strips are a perfect choice.

Get Your Friends Involved

When you have good friends by your side nothing else really matters, having good friends who will help you get ready on the morning of your wedding, and who are there for you every step of the way, is going to help you feel much calmer and enjoy your morning much more. Your friends well have also been involved in the planning stages of the wedding, so if anything needs doing or if anything needs changing at the last minute, they should know precisely how to help, and good friends will always want to help you when you are in need.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan on the morning of your wedding, and this can bring an element of stress, but if you have people around you who care and are there to help your day run much more smoothly, then you will find it more of a hiccup than a disaster. With the right people by your side, you can do anything, and that includes staying calm on your wedding morning.

Incorporate Humour

With friendship comes humour and laughter, and on the morning of your wedding, this is going to be a tonic that you will need. The odd glass of bubbly and some reminiscing with your friends and family can bring out the funniest of stories, and the most entertaining situations. Laughing off a slight inconvenience, or a word said in the wrong place or time, it’s going to help you avoid unnecessary stress and worry. Laughter is the best medicine as many people say, and above all staying lighthearted and relaxed means that you should reach the altar in a much better frame of mind then you would have otherwise.

The odd mistake, and occasional mishap, can be funny and give you stories to tell for years to come. Even though getting married and taking your solemn vow is important, there is no reason why the morning before can’t be entertaining, fun, and above all relaxing, for the bride to be.

Know Your Morning Timeline

If you have a wedding planner, then you will know that there is a timeline for your wedding day and it needs to be followed to the letter if things are supposed to run smoothly. Even venues that are designed for small weddings, will have a timeline for everybody to follow. This just means that everybody knows where they are supposed to be and at what time. Above all this means that there are no crossovers, and nobody is late which has a knock-on effect.

Of course, there’s always going to be something that doesn’t quite match up, and you may find that you have to sacrifice a small detail occasionally, but if you know your timeline and you know exactly what time you are working with before the big event, then it should mean things run a lot smoother. Even if you just know exactly what time your flowers are arriving, what time your make-up artist may be finished by, and when the car is turning up to take you to the venue, it means there are no surprises and less stress for you. This is the reason why many people choose to hire a wedding planner, it takes all of the stress and organisation out of your hands and you can just sit back and enjoy your wedding day as you should.

Above all trying to enjoy every second of the day when it comes to your wedding day is essential. As mentioned there is always something that could go a little bit wrong, but if you take it on the chin, ensure that you are positive and use humour along the way, then you should find yourself being able to bounce back quickly and enjoy the rest of the day.

Planning everything with military precision can mean that you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong, but when you rely on lots of people to organise lots of different areas of a wedding, it doesn’t always come together as you help. As long as you both turn up at the altar, then the rest shouldn’t matter too much.

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