How To Make Iced Coffees At Home

I recently shared a photo on my Insta Stories yesterday of my iced coffee/latte at home, and got so many questions! Lots of you fled into my DM’s to ask how to make this really easy at home – without a professional coffee machine.

So, I thought I’d share how I make iced coffee at home the really easy way.

First, I can’t deny that by using a ‘proper’ coffee machine will always bring the best results. I used to rely on instant coffee for years for my coffee addiction at home, but when I got myself a professional coffee maker, I noticed the difference straight away.

One of my favourites is a drip coffee maker. These work by utilising a water reservoir, a coffee basket and a decanter. The water simply goes into the reservoir, heats up and is then poured all over the coffee grounds in the basket. It is then that it extracts the coffee which goes through the filter, delivering deliciously rich coffee! Plus, the aroma is insanely good!

If you don’t have a coffee machine, the below recipe focuses on an instant coffee recipe. But, if you switch up the instant coffee for a double shot of coffee from a machine, you’ll get strong results.

You will need

  • x2 teaspoons of instant coffee (I use Beanies Creamy Caramel for flavour)
  • 100ml boiling water
  • 100ml milk of choice
  • Syrup of choice if you wish
  • Sweetener, if you wish
  • Ice cubes
  • A blender – I use the Nutribullet


  1. Pour 100ml boiling water over two teaspoons of instant coffee. Beanies flavoured coffee is fabulous, just 2 cals and no sugar, yet gives a sweetened taste to iced coffees
  2. Add this to the blender when cooled. Then fill up with 100ml of milk of choice. I use soya milk, and you can also add as much as you like.
  3. Add either a shot of syrup or a sweetener/sprinkle of sweetener at this point, and throw in a handful of ice cubes
  4. Top up with extra milk at this point if the coffee mixture looks too strong
  5. Add a little bit of cold water
  6. Blend for 30 seconds!

The beauty is you can tailor it to how you prefer it. If you want it stronger, reduce the water/milk. If you want it creamier and milkier, add more milk. If you want it sweeter, add sugar/syrup.

It pours out slightly frothy, and when left for a few minutes, the froth expands, giving you a barrister style iced coffee. And it’s sooooo chilled too!

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