How to Look After Your Manchester Property on a Budget

For someone who has lived in Manchester all their life, of course it is hard to compare the place to anywhere else. I have, however, moved around several times over the years, where I lived in Preston during University, lived in Sydney Australia for just shy of a year, and spend a lot of time in a place called Newcastle-under-Lyme where my boyfriend lives.

The beauty of renting or owning a property in Manchester is that the prices tend to be reasonable – obviously depending on the area. In comparison to some cities like London and Edinburgh, Manchester homes can offer space, gardens, drives and access to greenery and countryside, which is what you can struggle for in the hustle and bustle of London.

However, we all know that saving up for deposits, fees, starter bills and furnishings can bleed us a little bit dry, so the question is: how do we look after our Manchester homes when on a budget?

How you spend your money is extremely important so that you are always on top of jobs and don’t let your home start to slip, without skint-ing you out.

Below, here are five tips around looking after your Manchester home on a shoestring budget.

1. Complete a home observation yourself

When you are at the pre-moving in stage, one of the best ways to cut costs when maintaining the home you are choosing is to complete an observation yourself. By fully assessing everywhere – from the roof to the back gate – you can start to piece together a checklist of what needs to be fixed.

Then, this will then give you a plan of action for every room in the house. You will be able to identify any major structural issues that may be present, and plan if a professional is needed. However, many of the damage areas may be able to be tended to yourself and can be more cosmetic than they look.

This way, you help budget where to spend and where not to spend, before being taken over by professional companies.

2. Make the removal process as smooth as possible

So many things can go wrong when you try and move all your belongings from one home to another, including accidents. Lifting, stacking and storing can be the most dreaded task, which will always start your journey in your new Manchester home in a negative way.

Some things need professional help, and removal is one of them. A company which I have discovered recently that does a multitude of helpful services tailored to making your home life easier is Fantastic Services – a one-stop-shop for cleaning and maintenance services in Manchester.

What you’ll find is that home removals, gardening and cleaning are among many other helpful services they provide, and the removals one is very handy for those in the process of moving into a new place.  

Manchester is an area they cover for removals, saving you masses of time. Just think about it. Those first few days or weeks when you’re usually swamped with searching for boxes and worried about lifting, not to mention assembling the flat pack furniture. How useful would it be to combine your Removals service with Furniture Assembly and Box Delivery, too?

Think about what makes the process easier and gives you time back. When you have more time to spend on the other things, like repair works, it truly is priceless.

3. Upcycle where you can

Today, we’re more aware of sustainability and limiting waste more than ever before. If this is something you feel strongly about, and are on a tight budget, look at upcycling as a way of maintaining your budget.

There are so many websites, online marketplaces and charity shops that have second hand furniture for a low price or even to give away. If it does the job but isn’t to your standard, look at doing it up yourself. Sometimes items just need a good old sanding session followed by paint.

With the items that you don’t need when you move, look at doing the same with these. So many people want second hand furniture. You could even do a car boot sale, and while your there, pick up some new cheap home gems for your house!

4. Know when to outsource tasks

A well looked after home tends to be one that is clean, tidy and safe. It doesn’t run the risk of attracting rats, it is always welcoming and homely, and it has well kept garden and path areas.

People assume they need to spend lots of time and money on maintaining these areas, in which they don’t have either, so it slips. This is when your home can slide down a slippery route.

Look at getting the external help from a cleaning, gardening or pest control service which can offer the help as either a one-off job or a regular slot. The company I previously mentioned, Fantastic Services, offer these services in Manchester, where it’s up to you if you wish to have a cleaner come in and do a full house clean including two carpets as a one off, or if you invest in this once every month. You will see the different right away and wondered why you never took so much effort in your home before!

The same can be said for the garden. The difference a tidy, neat and cared for front or rear garden can literally transform your home.

It could be worth looking at their membership programme called Fantastic Club. With this, club members get 10% off all services such as Gardening and Removals as well as premium booking slots and exclusive deals, throughout the whole year.

It’s a solution for how to finally save time and money to do all the things you want to do in your home, while the professionals take care of the tougher tasks. The membership is available to purchase online on the Fantastic Services’ website here.

5. Use apps when you can

We all know that life is fast these days, and we rarely sit still. Why waste time waiting for things to be done, trawling companies to book or waiting for paper mail? Apps are designed to help you save time and money in your home, so use the right ones when you can.

Of course, many of our heating and energy systems can now be controlled by app, letting you turn your heating on and off via your phone. This massively saves money in the long run, especially during Winter.

Fantastic Services also have their own app which aims to help people organise their homes when on a budget. Their lifestyle booking app – GoFantastic – helps customers book 25+ professional services from cleaning and gardening to odd jobs and removals. It can all be done 24/7 and in less than a minute.

It allows re-arranging appointments and securely paying. We never lived in such an on-demand world as we do now, and apps like this make living in our homes and maintaining them on a budget so much easier! GoFantastic is available for both iOS and Android.

With the above in mind, it is easier than you think to maintain your home without breaking the bank – regardless of the size of your house or budget. Look at having a hands-on approach and be savvy with your time. Spend where necessary to make your life easier, and get the jobs done properly. Life is about being quick and efficient.

If you’re keen on booking Fantastic Services for any home related job, be it removals, cleaning or whatever appeals to you, then I have a handy discount code for you. Use referral code whatemmadid when booking and save £10! Click here to use.

Now go and enjoy your home!

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