How to keep your kids occupied on a flight

HIf you plan on jetting off somewhere abroad with your children, you may be dreading the flight. For a child, going on an aeroplane can be exciting, but the shine can soon wear off, with lots of waiting and sitting still involved.

With some simple preparation though, you can make this a much more enjoyable experience for your children, not to mention a much less stressful one for you! Here are a few ideas that you could use to prepare for your next family flight.

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Let them pack up some of their favourite toys and books

Whilst you’re packing, why not explain to your children that you’d like them to choose some toys and games to take with them – make sure you pick out a bag or rucksack for them to fill and allow them to spend a bit of time choosing what will go in it.

Maybe give them some ideas to get them started, and make sure you check the bag before you leave to ensure what they have chosen is suitable, and also to avoid any awkward scenarios at baggage check!

Download some films and games to a tablet

Whilst some flights may include in-flight entertainment, many will not, so a tablet with some pre-downloaded films and games can be a great way for your child to pass the time. Some flights do have internet access, but will often charge for this privilege, so make sure you download enough options to cover the duration of the flight.

If you’re hoping that they will get some sleep during the flight, why not opt for music or audiobooks to allow them to rest their eyes?

Remember, you won’t be able to use any electronic devices during take-off, and don’t forget to bring headphones too!

Buy a new toy or book

Yes, they’re about to get spoilt rotten on holiday, so you may begrudge the idea of buying a new toy to go with them, however a small purchase can be a great way to keep them busy on the plane. Each child will be different – while younger children may play endlessly with little action figures, older children may prefer a puzzle book or magazine to pass the time.

Stock up on snacks!

Nothing will make the flight drag out more than an empty stomach! Stock up on some snacks that they will enjoy but remember not to pack any liquids as these will likely be discarded at baggage check. Instead, you can pick up a bottle of water in the departure lounge while you’re waiting to find out your gate – this will also help you to avoid the usually high prices of snacks and drinks on the plane!

These are just a few ideas to hopefully make things a bit less stressful on your next flight with the kids – if you’ve got any extra ideas, let us know in the comments!

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