How to Find Inspiration for Design Creations and Graphics

Being creative is a blessing, but sometimes even the most arty and imaginative of us all can hit a brick wall.

Whether you work in design, take an interest in digital design or are just an all-round creative, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and uninspired. If design makes up your full time job, too many clients, deadlines and staring at screens can leave you feeling blank.

Graphics can be used across so many areas, from fashion, stationary, art, print and home wear. If you’re looking for ways to get some more inspiration, or to make your design life a little easier, I’ve rounded up some tips and advice below.

Remember that the key is to make any form of designing easier for you. So whether you’re trying to design a new collection of slogan sweater, or cute prints for the wall or for stationary, you want easy-to-you, sassy designs that help you with your end product:

Find inspiration on social media

You can’t beat a bit of Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr for acting as great sources for finding inspiration online. Packed with stunning photography and design, they are simple to navigate and search. Whether it’s inspiration for a logo design, a blog graphic or a colour scheme, Pinterest and Tumbler provide so many satisfying visual treats.

Make sure you set up your own Instagram and Pinterest pages so you can follow all the pages you find, delivering inspiration on a daily basis.

Use SVG designs

As mentioned above, you want to be working with design packages that make the job easier for you. If you can get hold of ready-made templates and design packages to use across a range of mediums – you’re winning!

One that I have discovered lately is from Design Bundles, a site that provides graphic bundles which you can buy and then use when in you’re own creative process.

For those looking at slogan, logos and icon style graphics, you can search and buy commercial use SVG Cut Files. The range of svg cuts are extensive, whether you’re into quirkier design themes, smart and sophisticated, or a more cutsey, sweet design for younger audiences.

All SVG files from Design Bundles are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette, SCAL, Scan N Cut and all major design programs.

Browse magazines

As much as the internet provides extensive inspiration, you can’t beat flipping through the pages of design-related magazines. You can get lots of visual inspiration via the glossy pages, especially the magaines that highlight inspiration from all around the world.

Remember to keep scrapbooks of layouts, colour palettes, fronts and little design patterns that you feel you can pull something from. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, save anything that stands out. You never know when it might get some creative juices running!

Share ideas

Why not get together with other designer friends or those who work in creative industries, and all share online inspiration, design packages and ideas together?

By talking it out and seeing what other people are attracted to, might open your eyes to different types of creative ideas.

You could go on a site like Design Bundles together, and browse through the different types of svg cuts, seeing which ones will work best with your creative project. You can even explore the different types of icons and illustrations on the site, and each share your own top 3, and compare what each other see and think.

Creativity doesn’t always come naturally, and it doesn’t always come when you most need it. Plan ahead by sourcing and collecting inspiration; play and experiment with your own graphics; and treat yourself right with fresh air, fresh conversation and a fresh creativity routine.

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