How To Ensure Your Wedding Is A Memorable One

For those of you getting married, I’m sure you’re with me when I say I want my wedding to be the most memorable day possible. I want my big day to be the best experience for everyone involved, and to be on cloud nine about it for the longest time possible.

Everyone wants their guests to say, “Oh, wow! You had the best wedding we’ve ever been to!”.

So to achieve that, I know I need to make my ceremony as interesting as possible. It has to have little elements of surprise and beauty, without being tacky and silly.

But how do brides today make sure their wedding isn’t too boring? After all, wedding’s aren;t easy to plan, and let’s not forget the money aspect.

So here’s a few tips for the budding brides out there. Below are some hacks to make planning and arranging as fun as possible, leading to the best results:

1. Set up a wedding committee

Many people do not like to be put on a what they call a ‘wedding committee.’ But it doesn’t have to be all dull and hard work! Wedding committees can be dressed up to be fun and fabulous, where your bridal clan can help you with planning and organising. Throw in girly day trips, the one prosecco toast and jewellery shopping and it’s all good!

By having this close knit group by your side, nothing gets forgotten and you have helping hands through it all.

There is also another wedding committee you need, made up of professionals across every department from transport, catering, wedding entertainment, photography, gifts and cake decorators. The team will also assign able doers to ensure plans happen as organized. At the end of the day, everything will fall into place if you have the best, organised, and strongest team!

The biggest challenge will be in finding competent people to form the committee. But don’t worry, there are so many recommendations out there across the internet, Instagram, other social media, wedding fayres and good old word of mouth!

2. Get a Good Master of Ceremonies

Without a good master of ceremonies, the day doesn’t flow quite right and can give the impression that the day is lacking in personality or organisation. You want a loud, friendly and charming one if possible – if they can throw in humour, then all the better!

3. Hire a comedian

If you’ve ever been to a wedding where a comedian makes an appearance, you’ll know why this makes this list. I believe laughing is the key to breaking up any boredom, and it’s also still quite a unique concept to have at a wedding.

They could either take on a little stand up session during the room change over period, or come around to guests at various points of the day in groups and work their humour.

The comedian should work in collaboration with the master of ceremony in synchrony to altogether bring on lots of laughter, cheer and a warm ambiance. In general, wedding entertainment is crucial – period!

4. Have the right music selection

They say that music is medicine to the soul, and quite right it is. It sorts out boredom, getting people in the right kind of mood, and can also create certain types of emotion where needed.

If any videos are playing through the speeches, think of the right tone of music to set the scene. Also, the music during the room change overs, drinks reception and when waiting for the bride to arrive are all key.

DJ’s, dance groups, live bands and singers can really make or break the day, so choose carefully. Remember that most of the wedding evening reception is about letting your hair down and dancing, so look at music which encourages dancing. The more people up on their feet – the better.

5. Hire a skilled DJ

When it comes to budgeting for a wedding, many people cut back when it comes to DJ’s. However, a good quality, skilled DJ can really set the scene.

His or her music selection is the beginning of entertainment, but knowing when to play certain tracks at the right moment is the epitome of wedding entertainment. An experienced DJ knows how to mix music and arouse emotions.

Ask around for recommendations, and have a listen to demos online if possible.

6. Get the best catering services

There is no other way to make people happy other by offering up food! People love a good food selection, whether it be the three course sit down meal, canapes or evening buffet. There are so many unique offerings now which can fit into the theme of your wedding. Rustic wood-fire pizza vans, fish and chip cones, hog roasts, BBQ’s, desert carts – even curries are becoming popular!

Food is an antidote to boredom. Guests will look forward to the food at various points of the wedding – so make it memorable.

The Bottom Line

Wedding entertainment mixed with a little creativity is a simple way to free any wedding from becoming stale and boring. While it is easier to say than done, especially when costs are involved, making a wedding as lively as possible is the key to an all round fun and memorable day.

Use the internet as your key wedding planner – there are so many real life weddings and real brides sharing their experiences online.

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